May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Attribute Points: How Do They Work?

How do attribute points work?

There are four different attributes (Strength, Agility, Cunning, Charm), and tributes will have invested a certain amount of points into these attributes.

Every day of the Games, a random benchmark will be set. I will select a random attribute, and then a random number between whatever the lowest and whatever the highest levels a tribute holds in that particular attribute (don’t worry, I will explain this more).

Let’s create three random tributes as examples, and assume that they are the last three tributes in the game.

chart (22).png


On this particular day, the random attribute selected is Strength. Looking at our three tributes, we can see that the lowest Strength level is the District 3 male’s: 3, and that the highest Strength level is the District 2 female’s: 7. So the random number will be between 3 and 7.

Next, I pick a random number between 3 and 7, and end up picking 4. Because their Strength levels are higher than or at least 4, the tributes from District 1 and 2 are safe for the day. Because his Strength level is lower than 4, the District 3 male is in danger.

Tributes will be able to set their attribute levels in the beginning of the games, so it’s important to recognize the different strategies one could take:

Spreading your points evenly between the four attributes is the more conservative choice. This gives you a decent chance of being safe or being in danger, no matter what attribute is randomly selected. The District 3 male is an example of this strategy.

Putting all your points into a couple attributes is an aggressive strategy. The tribute with the highest level in each attribute will always be safe when that attribute is selected. The danger in this is that some attributes will have extremely low levels. The District 2 female is an example of this strategy; because she has the highest Strength and Charm levels, but the lowest Agility and Cunning levels.

The District 1 female is an example of a middle-ground between these strategies.


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