May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day 10


Today’s winner is…Jeremiah of District 7!

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male

Congrats Jeremiah, your training score is now 7!


The following tributes lose a training point due to poison:

Michael Evans, District 1 Female

Michael Evans, District 1 Female

Training score drops to 5.

Joey McKenna, District 5 Male

Joey McKenna, District 5 Male

Training score drops to 4.

Day 10

Kelly Farley, District 2 Female

Kelly Farley, District 2 Female

“So how did you lose your Games, Avery?”

My mannequin turns to look at me, stone-faced. Avery’s always stone-faced.

“I was statistically the strongest female tribute in the Careers,” she says in an informative tone. “Statistically the strongest female tribute in the Games. And I got the most kills out of any tribute in the Games. The boy from 5. The girl from 11. The boy from 9. The boy from 4. All my kills.”

She pauses, recovering information from her databanks, before continuing.

“The final two were the girl from 3 and myself. I underestimated her. She cut me with her sword. I died.”

I stand there waiting for more.

“That’s it?”

“That’s it. Except a word of advice.”

She pauses, waiting for my permission.

“Go on,” I say, waving a hand at her.

“Nearly half of the tributes are gone. Do not assume that any of the remaining tributes are lucky. Save for the bloodbath tributes and the girl from 12, whom you found in the burnt room, you have no idea who has killed whom, how the deceased have died, or who is poisoned. You must not underestimate any tributes, especially the ones outside this room. Do not die like I did.”

She’s right. Everyone still alive is a threat. And I have to take them out.

Mariel Beausejour, District 11 Female

Mariel Beausejour, District 11 Female

I left.

It wasn’t too hard. Ben left the room to use the bathroom and I just picked up our supplies and walked out. Left him some food and water, of course. Gotta keep him alive for at least a little longer. But it’s too risky to hang around him any more. Let’s face it, he’s stronger than I am and I know he’s already thought about killing me off. If I want to stay alive, it’s time to strike out on my own.

Thirteen of us left. Eleven people who were standing in that room with me nine days ago are dead. I remember some of their faces, but others are just districts and numbers in my head.

I won’t be forgotten. I’ll either come out of this thing alive, or go out dead but being remembered. As Mariel. Not a gender and a number.

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female

We slam into each other as I round the corner of a hallway, her drooping head hitting my chest. My first reaction upon seeing it’s the girl from 1 is to jump back and pull out my small knife. But my joints don’t let me. I’m healed from my poison, but some permanent effects still linger; I feel stiff all over when I try to move. Running is possible, but not without pain. And by the looks of it, the girl from 1 is in no shape to chase after me either.

She looks up at me finally, and I see the purple veins streaking up her neck and onto her face, down her arms. She instinctively pulls out a knife and stumbles towards me.

“You’re poisoned, huh?” I say, stepping back slowly.

“Andrew…died…5 days ago,” she slurs, swinging at me even though there’s about two feet in-between us.

“Mine died on the second day,” I say in response, still stepping back. The girl’s body clearly isn’t reacting well to the poison. Even I wasn’t this bad when I was sick.

“Got to kill you. Got to.” The girl swings again, stumbling forward.

“No. I’m sorry, I’m not going to die,” I respond, before stepping forward and stabbing the girl’s heart, just as I did with the boy from 3.

The girl slumps into me and I catch her in my arms. She drops her knife as her cannon fires.

I stand there like that for a long time. Holding her as the heat recedes from her body. And when I try to let go, I realize that whatever’s been slowing my joints down has completely locked them altogether. I can’t move.

I can’t do a thing as I topple to my side, the dead girl from 1 still in my arms. We hit the ground in a heap, my head slamming against the hard stone floor (Training Point Lost).

And we lie there. Two girls in each other’s arms, both unable to move. This can’t be it. This can’t be it!

Deceased Tribute

Michael Evans, District 1 Female

Michael Evans, District 1 Female

Injured Tribute

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female

Current Training Scores

12: Steven (D2)

11: Victoria (D10)

10: Kelly (D2), Ben (D11)

8: Justin (D4), Marie (D4)

7: Jeremiah (D7)

6:Cyle (D6), Mariel (D11)

5: Matt (D6)

4: Joey (D5)

1: Allison (D9)

Score Stats

Highest Training Score: 12

Lowest Training Score: 1

Average Training Score: 7.3

Strongest Teams: District 2, District 10

Weakest Team: District 9

Kill Records

Steven Dodson, District 2 Male: One kill (Jonah White: District 8 Male)

Justin Massey, District 4 Male: One kill (Alexandra Browne: District 3 Female)

Marie Morton, District 4 Female: One kill (Sara Kohler: District 8 Female)

Chelsea Sanderson, District 5 Female: One kill (Irving Ruiz: District 9 Male)

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male: One kill (Garrett Gaunch: District 10 Male)

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female: Two kills (Drew Chambers: District 3 Male, Michael Evans: District 1 Female)

Victoria Paul, District 10 Female: One kill (Andrew Sedlacek: District 1 Male)

Ian Smith, District 12 Male: One kill (Morgan Kinsinger: District 12 Female)


Poisoned Tributes

Joey McKenna, District 5 Male



Avery LaPan, assisting District 2

Peyton Finley, assisting District 6

Abby Long, assisting District 7

Preston Howell, assisting District 10



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