May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day 12


Today’s lucky winner is…Sarah of District 11!

Sarah Harrist, D11 Female

Sarah Harrist, D11 Female

Congrats Sarah, your training score is now 10!


Day 12

Amber Washington, D2 Female

Amber Washington, D2 Female

“Practicing your sword-fighting?”

I lower the broadsword I’ve been swinging around for the past few minutes and turn to look at Grace.

“Yeah, I figured a slingshot won’t do much good when someone’s swinging an axe at me.”

Grace sits down near where I’m practicing, rolling a rock between her fingers.

“So who’s left?” she asks. “Other than us and Kate.”

Kate’s off hunting somewhere in the city. She said she’d be back. I drop the sword and plop down next to Grace.

“Let’s see…there’s the girls from 5 and 10,” I say. “They’re still probably allied.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because if they ended their alliance, they would have tried to kill each other. And the girl from 10’s an archer. Can’t underestimate her.”

Grace nods. “The girl from 5’s a threat too. On the first day, I remember her just standing there, watching us fight. She seems shifty.”

I nod in agreement. “The boys from 7 and 10 are the last guys in the arena.”

“And they’re threats too,” replies Grace. “They both got pretty high training scores.”

“Everyone that’s still alive had high scores,” I say. “The lowest is the girl from 11, and that was a 7.”

“Yep. There’s one more. Who are we forgetting?”

I sigh.

“The girl from 3. She’s still out there somewhere.”

Grace hushes up, and I do the same. It doesn’t need to be said aloud that she’s our greatest threat. We already know it.

Sarah Harrist, D11 Female

Sarah Harrist, D11 Female

It’s been three days since Abby died. I was thanking her for it at first, but now I’m not so sure. Abby’s done fighting, done running. She’s at peace. And I’m still stuck in here, trying to survive. I’ve got three days worth of food. I suppose I could go bare bones and ration it out to five days, but what’s the use? All the tributes left in the Games are either Careers or tributes with scores to match the Careers. And then there’s me. I can use a sword, sure. But I’m not sure if I can kill with it.

And to be honest, I’d rather not find out.

Micah Scaling, D7 Male

Micah Scaling, D7 Male

I watched the girl from 4 walk off towards where my old base is before I headed over to the Cornucopia. I need to get a kill. The Gamemakers are probably getting tired of seeing me walking around doing nothing. I’m trying my hardest to stay alive, I swear. Just one kill. That’ll do it.

I walk past the last skyscraper before the wasteland starts. Yes, it’s empty. Yes, there’s no cover. But that also means that the two Careers still guarding the horn won’t be looking.

As I stealthily sneak out onto the open area, I see my hunch is right. The two girls are sitting down, facing the city and not me.

I take an arrow to my bow and pull back, taking my time to aim and to calm my shaking hands. One shot. All I have is one shot.

I aim at the back of one girl’s head and release.

Grace Walter, D1 Female

Grace Walter, D1 Female

I’m about to ask Amber to grab me some food before a sharp object stabs into the back of my head. I only feel it for a split second before it severs my brainstem and swallows up my world in darkness. The last thing I hear is Amber’s scream.

Amber Washington, D2 Female

Amber Washington, D2 Female

My slingshot’s nowhere near me; I grab the sword that I dropped on the ground and charge after the boy from 7, who has already turned and started to run after Grace’s cannon fired. I’m fast, but he’s faster. He rounds a corner, and I realize I’m going to lose him.

I round the same corner and, with a yell of ferocity, throw the small sword like a boomerang. It spins through the air in a deadly circle. The boy turns to see what I’ve thrown just as the sword slices into his upper thigh (Training Point Lost). He falls, but quickly gets to his feet and grabs the sword off the ground. Then he limps off quickly.

Weaponless, I have no choice but to turn and head back to the Cornucopia, fervently hoping that the other tributes don’t decide to attack before Kate gets back. Four allies gone. My odds have definitely dropped.

Dead Tribute:

Grace Walter, D1 Female

Grace Walter, D1 Female

Injured Tribute:

Micah Scaling, D7 Male

Micah Scaling, D7 Male


Kill Count:

Dan Mcbride, D1 Male: 1 (Alex Dooley: D12 Male)

Taylor Pride, D2 Male: 1 (Kailyn Love: D8 Female)

Hannah Cruz, D3 Female: 2 (Peyton Finley: D6 Male, Abby Long: D7 Female)

Kate Henson, D4 Female: 2 (Justin McCoy: D8 Male, Rene Cruz: D3 Male)

Chris Thompson, D4 Male: 2 (Lindsey Emery: D9 Female, Johnny Edman: D5 Male)

Micah Scaling, D7 Male: 1 (Grace Walter: D1 Female)

Clement Bilhorn, D11 Male: 1 (Chris Thompson: D4 Male)


Careers (Amber Washington: D2 Female, Kate Henson: D4 Female)

The Deserter’s Alliance: (Maureen Lynch: D5 Female, Eliana Schulze: D10 Female)

Sponsorship is now open! Be sure to vote for your favorite, and to choose a new favorite if your tribute died today!


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