May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day 13


Today’s winner is…Cyle of District 6!

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female

Congrats Cyle, your training score is now 6!


The following tributes lose a training point due to poison:

Ben Capobianco, District 11 Male

Ben Capobianco, District 11 Male

Training score drops to 8.

Day 13

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male

“Attention tributes!”

I jump at the amplified voice that booms through the hallway Abby and I are walking through.

“Congrats to the eleven of you still in the competition! The time has come, once again, for a feast!”

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female

I finally pull myself to my feet. My joints are working again. Cracking my fingers with glee, I listen as the announcement continues and the dead bodies of the two girls are finally lifted away.

“We know that you tributes need things. Food. Medicine. Weapons. And we have them for you, tomorrow, at the Cornucopia.”


Justin Massey, District 4 Male

Justin Massey, District 4 Male

My allies and I listen to the announcement blaring out of the invisible speakers somewhere in the room.

“The Cornucopia Room is off-limits until tomorrow, when the feast begins. We wouldn’t want to give anyone an unfair advantage, now would we? See you tomorrow, tributes.”

The speaker cuts off, and the five of us, including Avery, look at one another.

“So what, do we just wait here?” asks Kelly. “There’s only a few doors into this room; there’s no way anyone could get in here without us having the drop on them.”

Just as she finishes speaking, a groaning noise sounds from behind me. I whirl around and watch as a large section of the stone floor slides open.

Then the lights go out.


Kelly Farley, District 2 Female

Kelly Farley, District 2 Female

“Get out! Get out!” shouts Avery in an unsettling monotone voice from somewhere to my right. I whirl and find an outline of light from one of the doors. Rushing to it, my foot gets caught in the chain of my meteor hammer, and I fall to the ground.

A horrible scraping sound comes from the center of the room, where the stone floor slid open.

I get to my feet and clamber over to the door. It opens just before I reach it; another tribute has found it. Steven.

I rush out after him, and start to close it before Marie shoves her way through and slams the door shut. Someone still in the room screams; it must be Justin. Avery yanks the door open and steps into the hallway, her sword and Steven’s katana in hand. She tosses it to him.

We wait for a cannon to sound, but to our surprise, the door flies open once again. Justin rushes out and pulls the door shut behind him. A large claw mark bleeds red across his face (Training Point Lost).

“What was it, Justin?” asks Marie. “Did you get a good look at it at all?”


Marie pulls out a bottle of water from the backpack she had the sense to grab after the lights went out, and pours some onto a cloth from that same pack. She hands it to Justin, who winces as he holds it against his face.

“We need to get out of the hallway,” Avery says to Steven and I. We turn and follow her, and Marie and Justin do the same.

Look at us. Trusting a robot to keep us safe.


Ben Capobianco, District 11 Male

Ben Capobianco, District 11 Male

I swing my sword again, and the boy from 6 barely manages to block it with the handle of his axe. He retreats back from me, catching his breath.

We’ve been fighting for a good fifteen minutes now, after we found each other in the same hallway. I may be poisoned, but I have the upper hand. I’m finally going to be healed.

“Just give up and I’ll make it go fast,” I say to the boy, who is on the verge of tears. He’s already bleeding from multiple wounds I’ve given him, and he’s tired. There’s no way he’s going to win this fight, and even if he ran away he’d die from the blood loss. We both know it’s over.

“Alright…fine…I give up,” he groans, falling to his knees.

I grin, and hold up my sword, ready to strike.

The boy looks up at me.

“But you don’t get to kill me.”

I cry out as the boy slams his axe straight into his skull, splitting his face in half. A cannon fires after a short second, and the boy falls forward, the axe handle hitting the ground and making his head bounce a bit before flopping to the side.

No. I’m still poisoned. I didn’t…no!


Deceased Tribute

Matt LeGrande, District 6 Male

Matt LeGrande, District 6 Male

Injured Tribute

Justin Massey, District 4 Male

Justin Massey, District 4 Male

Current Training Scores

12: Steven (D2)

11: Victoria (D10)

10: Kelly (D2)

8: Marie (D4), Ben (D11)

7: Justin (D4), Jeremiah (D7)

6: Cyle (D6)

3: Joey (D5)

2: Allison (D9)


Score Stats

Highest Training Score: 12

Lowest Training Score: 2

Average Training Score: 7.4

Strongest Teams: District 2, District 10

Weakest Team: District 9


Kill Records

Steven Dodson, District 2 Male: One kill (Jonah White: District 8 Male)

Justin Massey, District 4 Male: One kill (Alexandra Browne: District 3 Female)

Marie Morton, District 4 Female: One kill (Sara Kohler: District 8 Female)

Joey McKenna, District 5 Male: One kill (Mariel Beausejour, District 11 Female)

Chelsea Sanderson, District 5 Female: One kill (Irving Ruiz: District 9 Male)

Matt LeGrande, District 6 Male: One kill (Himself)

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male: One kill (Garrett Gaunch: District 10 Male)

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female: Two kills (Drew Chambers: District 3 Male, Michael Evans: District 1 Female)

Victoria Paul, District 10 Female: One kill (Andrew Sedlacek: District 1 Male)

Ian Smith, District 12 Male: One kill (Morgan Kinsinger: District 12 Female)


Poisoned Tributes

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female

Ben Capobianco, District 10 Male



Avery LaPan, assisting District 2

Abby Long, assisting District 7

Preston Howell, assisting District 10



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