May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day 15


Today’s winner is…Ben of District 11!

Ben Capobianco, District 11 Male

Ben Capobianco, District 11 Male

Congrats Cyle, your training score is now 7!


The following tributes lose a training point due to poison:

Kelly Farley, District 2 Female

Kelly Farley, District 2 Female

Training score drops to 5.

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female

Training score drops to 5.


Day 15

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female

I didn’t go yesterday.

It’s a good thing I didn’t go, since three tributes died. I probably would have been a fourth, with the shape I’m in.

But it’s also a bad thing I didn’t go because I’m out of food and water.

There might still be something left, so I’m trudging through the hallways, following a trail of blood from what I assume is an injured tribute. The blood gets thicker as I move along, so I know I’m heading towards where the battle started.

I enter the Cornucopia Room and find it very much the same way it was when I left it on the first day: bloody and menacing. The room is empty, save for two boys and a girl who I recognize as mannequins. The Gamemakers must have shut them off.

I start to think of Peyton just as the pain in my head returns. The poison is starting to take effect. I need to kill someone, eventually.

I stumble over to the pile of food and start eating. I can’t remember the last time I had food. I can’t remember a lot of things. How many of us are left. When Matt died. The only thing I know for sure is that Peyton’s gone. And I’m dying.

“Get out.”

I whirl around to face the dark entrance to the Cornucopia, where a tribute has risen and is stumbling forward, drenched in blood. I grab a carton of nutrient bars and a bottle of water and run as fast as I can out of the room. It occurs to me only after a few minutes of running that I should have stayed. I’m poisoned. I needed to kill whoever that was. But I keep running.

I don’t know why.


Kelly Farley, District 2 Female

Kelly Farley, District 2 Female

The girl runs off and I breathe a sigh of relief, collapsing gingerly back down to the floor. I’m in no shape to fight any tributes right now. My back is on fire; the injuries I received yesterday have stopped bleeding, thank God, but it hurts to move at all. If that girl had noticed me lying on the floor, I would have been dead. It took everything in me to stand up and intimidate her. I guess all the blood helps. Oh, and the purple veins from the poison.

I reach gingerly for the bottle of painkillers I found in the medicine pile, taking two more. The pills help, but nothing’s helping the headache that I have. It must be from the poison.

I wish I could move. By time time my back heals up, I’ll be dead from the poison. Maybe there’s something else in the medicine pile that can help.


Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male

I find her sitting in the corner of a hallway, slumped up against the wall. She looks up at me and fires her last arrow without warning. I’m not expecting it; I thought she was dead. So it sticks right in my leg and I stumble with a cry of pain (Training Point Lost).

The girl from 4 stares at me pale-faced and despondent as I yank the arrow out and dress the wound with the single bandage I have in my backpack. She’s close to death; I’m standing in a pool of her blood. I saw her get attacked by her partner yesterday; she must have come over here to die. Still though, her shooting that last arrow marks her as a true Career, a tribute who doesn’t give up.

I finish dressing my wound and hobble over to her. She looks up at me, her eyes tired but her face set in stone. I pull out the small knife that Abby gave me on the day I killed Garrett. I’m about to use it again.

I end her life. For her own sake. Better that I do it than to let someone else drag it out.

Deceased Tribute

Marie Morton, District 4 Female

Marie Morton, District 4 Female

Injured Tribute

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male


Current Training Scores

9: Victoria (D10)

6: Justin (D4)

5: Kelly (D2), Cyle (D6), Ben (D11)

2: Jeremiah (D7)


Score Stats

Highest Training Score: 9

Lowest Training Score: 2

Average Training Score: 5.3

Strongest Teams: District 10

Weakest Team: District 7


Kill Records

Steven Dodson, District 2 Male: Two kills (Joey McKenna: District 5 Male, Jonah White: District 8 Male)

Kelly Farley, District 2 Female: One kill (Steven Dodson: District 2 Male)

Justin Massey, District 4 Male: One kill (Alexandra Browne: District 3 Female)

Marie Morton, District 4 Female: One kill (Sara Kohler: District 8 Female)

Joey McKenna, District 5 Male: One kill (Mariel Beausejour, District 11 Female)

Chelsea Sanderson, District 5 Female: One kill (Irving Ruiz: District 9 Male)

Matt LeGrande, District 6 Male: One kill (Himself)

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male: Two kills (Marie Morton: District 4 Female, Garrett Gaunch: District 10 Male)

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female: Two kills (Drew Chambers: District 3 Male, Michael Evans: District 1 Female)

Victoria Paul, District 10 Female: One kill (Andrew Sedlacek: District 1 Male)

Ben Capobianco, District 11 Male: One kill (Allison Woodfin: District 9 Female)

Ian Smith, District 12 Male: One kill (Morgan Kinsinger: District 12 Female)


Poisoned Tributes

Kelly Farley, District 2 Female

Justin Massey, District 4 Male

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female



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