May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day 5


Today’s winner is…Drew of District 3!

Drew Chambers, District 3 Male

Drew Chambers, District 3 Male

Congrats Drew, your training score is now 6!



The following tributes lose a training point due to poison:


Michael Evans, District 1 Female

Michael Evans, District 1 Female

Training score drops to 8.


Drew Chambers, District 3 Male

Drew Chambers, District 3 Male

Training score drops to 5.


Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female

Training score drops to 5.



Day 5


Marie Morton, District 4 Female

Marie Morton, District 4 Female

Michael’s gone. Last afternoon, about an hour after the cannon fired, she announced that she was going to look for Andrew and her mannequin. She took a backpack of food and water with her, which confused us at first. But later when the anthem played and we saw that Andrew was dead, we figured it out. She’s on her own now; the Careers are only made of two districts now.

I shoot an arrow at a sack of potatoes that I’ve set up across the room. It sticks solidly. I’ve got to keep practicing, got to be ready to defend myself. The other Careers don’t view me as a threat, even though I’m the only girl in the group who has a kill so far. Kelly talks a big game, and she’s deadly with a meteor hammer. But in the cramped hallways of the arena, a meteor hammer is hard to get swinging. 

I got a nine for my training score and I killed someone on the first day, so what else do they need? I’ll show them. They’ll see that I’m not to be overlooked.


Joey McKenna, District 5 Male

Joey McKenna, District 5 Male

“You’re eating again?”

I look up at Chelsea as I munch on an apple, reclining against a backpack.

“Yeah. I was hungry.”

“We’re almost out of food, genius,” she snaps at me.

“Well I was hungry.”

I bite into the apple loudly for effect, and she scowls and storms off.

Laughing, I take another bite of my apple. I like pushing people’s buttons, especially Chelsea’s. We’ve made it pretty clear that if we had a choice in partners, we wouldn’t have chosen each other. But she can’t kill me. Not yet, anyways. And I’ll be ready for when she decides she’s had enough of me.

Matt LeGrande, District 6 Male

Matt LeGrande, District 6 Male

Cyle and I finish rationing out our food. Together, we’ve got enough to last us four more days at the most, and that means skipping two meals a day. We decide to go looking for more food tomorrow and take today off.

Cyle’s over in the corner of our room talking to Peyton, our mannequin. I’m not gonna lie, it’s weird watching her connect with something that isn’t even alive, especially when he has no idea what she’s talking about most of the time. Right now they’re talking about food.

“I do not know what sandwiches are, Cyle.”

“Really? That’s so weird!”

I sigh and get to my feet.

“I’m going for a walk,” I announce.

“Bye!” says Cyle without looking away from Peyton. 

I roll my eyes and exit our room. I’d rather risk death out here than sit in that room for another hour.


Morgan Kinsinger, District 12 Female

Morgan Kinsinger, District 12 Female


Ian’s harsh whisper is enough to instantly wake me up.

“What? What? What is it? What?”

Ian looks over his shoulder, and then back at me.

“Something killed Alex.”

I quickly crawl out of our makeshift shelter in the back of the garden room and look towards the door. Sure enough, Alex’s body is on the ground; I can see the gaping hole in his chest all the way across the room from here.

Ian and I stand practically back-to-back, scanning the room. I load an arrow into my crossbow, while Ian levels his shield in front of him. The raindrops hitting leaves and grass drown out any footsteps. 

“See anything?”

Ian shakes his head.


The UV lights are bright, but the trees still cast dark shadows across parts of the room. And it’s in one of these rooms that I finally notice our assailant.

“Look out!” I scream as she sends her meteor hammer flying towards us. I roll behind a tree and hear the hammer slam into metal. Ian’s shield.


Ian Smith, District 12 Male

Ian Smith, District 12 Male

I fly backwards, my half-dented shield flying out of my hands. Knocked off my feet, I roll to the side as the girl’s hammer slams down where my head once was.

“Move, Ian, move!” Morgan screams.

I scramble into a patch of dense foliage, hoping that the branches will catch the girl’s hammer and keep it from hitting me. I make it through the branches just as the girl’s hammer smashes through, slamming into a tree trunk right next to me. I run through the trees, breathing heavily as branches and twigs fly at me and hit the back of my head as the girl smashes her way through the foliage. I turn to see how close she is just as my foot catches underneath an upraised tree root. Falling, I barely have time to roll over and see the girl swings her hammer once more. I close my eyes.

In the rain, I hear something make impact. Opening my eyes, I see an arrowhead sticking out from between my assailant’s eyes. Sparks shoot out of the small hole in her head, and her arms have dropped to her sides, the meteor hammer at her feet. The mannequin, who I recognize as Hannah Cruz, who fought for District 3 last year, falls to her side, stiff as a board. Behind her stands Morgan, crossbow still aimed forward.

“You okay?”

I get to my feet slowly.

“Yeah…yeah, I’m alright.”

Morgan drops her aim and walks over to the mannequin’s body. She leans down and grabs the meteor hammer’s handle from the ground. Then she drops it in my hand.

“No more shields, Ian.”

She’s right. No more shields. It’s time to fight.

Deceased Tribute

None: Alex Dooley (District 12 mannequin) destroyed.


Injured Tribute

None: Hannah Cruz (District 3 mannequin) destroyed.


Current Training Scores

12: Steven (D2)

11: Victoria (D10)

10: Kelly (D2), Ben (D11)

9: Marie (D4), Chelsea (D5)

8: Michael (D1) Justin (D4), Ian (D12), Morgan, (D12)

6: Joey (D5) Cyle (D6), Jeremiah (D7), Mariel (D11)

5: Drew (D3), Matt (D6), Allison (D9)


Score Stats

Highest Training Score: 12

Lowest Training Score: 5

Average Training Score: 7.8

Strongest Teams: District 2, District 10

Weakest Team: District 3, District 9


Kill Records

Steven Dodson, District 2 Male: One kill (Jonah White, District 8 Male)

Justin Massey, District 4 Male: One kill (Alexandra Browne, District 3 Female)

Marie Morton, District 4 Female: One kill (Sara Kohler, District 8 Female)

Chelsea Sanderson, District 5 Female: One kill (Irving Ruiz, District 9 Male)

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male: One kill (Garrett Gaunch, District 10 Male)

Victoria Paul, District 10 Female: One kill (Andrew Sedlacek, District 1 Male)


Poisoned Tributes

Michael, District 1 Female

Drew, District 3 Male

Allison, District 9 Female



Avery LaPan, assisting District 2

Peyton Finley, assisting District 6

Abby Long, assisting District 7

Preston Howell, assisting District 10



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