May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day 5


Today’s lucky winner is…Abby of District 7!

Abby Long, D7 Female

Abby Long, D7 Female

Congrats Abby, your training score is now 8!


Day 5

Adam Corbin, D9 Male

Adam Corbin, D9 Male

Three apples, some dried jerky, a canteen of water, and a yellow key. I’m set for at least three days. Five days tops. So I guess I should start looking for more supplies.

I peek out the back window of the SUV I’ve taken up residence in. No sign of any tributes. Or crows. I unlock the back right door.

Just as I’m about to open the door, I hear voices in the distance. Panicking, I lock the door and drop to the floor, trying my best to jam myself as far as I can under the seats.

The voices get closer; I can distinctly make out two separate females.

“Abby, it wasn’t your fault. I’ve been telling you that for the past two days. It wasn’t your fault.”

“Why didn’t she come back? Why didn’t she just run away? I don’t get it…”

The trunk of my SUV pops open, and I stifle a yell. They’re here. I recognize the voice of the girl from 11.

“She was scared. She was always scared. You know that.”

“Yeah, I know. But-

The back door opens, and this time I can’t hide my yell. Not that it matters; Abby from 7 is looking right at me. She jumps back and yells too.

“Stay back!” I say, reaching for my longsword propped up against the dashboard. It takes me an awkwardly long time to maneuver it past the seats, so by the time I’m able to point the sword at Abby, I’m wondering why she hasn’t killed me yet.

“Why haven’t you killed me yet?” I ask, turning my head to look at Sarah from 11, who has stopped scrounging through what she now knows are my supplies and has grabbed her own sword.

“Because I’m not a killer,” says Abby frankly.

“Neither am I,” says Sarah after a moment, though she still holds her sword tightly.

“What about you?” asks Abby. “Are you a killer? Are you going to kill us?”

“I…no? I don’t know. Just leave.”

Abby sighs.

“Look, we could team up. Safety in numb-

“I said leave!” I shout at her.

She stands there for a moment, stunned at my bluntness, before slamming the car door in my face and walking off. Sarah jumps out of the trunk and slams it shut as well, following after the crossbow-armed Abby and staring back at me.

No allies for me. No such thing as allies in the arena.

Rene Cruz, D3 Male

Rene Cruz, D3 Male

Eliana and Maureen are gone. I woke up yesterday to find that they, along with almost all of our supplies, had gone missing. And they haven’t come back, so it’s just Hannah and me now.

“We need to go get supplies,” I say to my sister.

“I know.”

“…so let’s go.”

My sister sighs and heads outside for the first time in days, dragging her meteor hammer behind her. She wasted her whole canteen of water on it two days ago, trying to wash off Peyton’s blood. All it did was make our base smell like death.

I meet her outside after grabbing my spear. “Which way should we go?”

She points to the left. “That way. To the Cornucopia.”

“To the Careers?”

“It’s midday. They’re probably out hunting. Maybe left someone behind to guard, nothing that we can’t take.”

Normally I would trust my sister, but after the past few days I’m beginning to doubt her resolve. I’ve never seen her so canned up.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” I ask. “I’m sure we can find supplies in the city.”

“I’m fine and we’re going. Shut up.”

She walks away from me, heading to the Cornucopia, and I have no choice but to follow. After about an hour of walking, the golden horn comes into view.

“It’s just the boy from 1,” Hannah says, crouched down next to me behind a concrete barricade. “I’ll distract them while you grab as much as you can.”

Before I can even respond, she’s leaping over the barricade and rushing at the Cornucopia. “Hey Career!” she screams. “Come and get me!”

Dan McBride, D1 Male

Dan McBride, D1 Male

The girl from 3 comes out of nowhere. I grab my battleaxe and stand to face her. I would have charged at her immediately if she weren’t holding a weapon that I’ve never seen before. She slows her run to a steady walk and begins spinning the chained weapon over her head, slowly approaching me. I hold my axe with two hands, slowly retreating as the girl gets closer and closer.

She suddenly releases one hand and sends the chained ball flying towards me. I yell and barely manage to hit it away with my axe. Unfazed, the girl steps back and swings once more. I swing in turn with my axe, but miscalculate the distance. The chained ball wraps around the handle of my weapon. With a forceful yank, the girl rips it out of my hands. I’m defenseless.

The girl swings her chained ball by her side, and releases it to fly at me. With nothing to block, it hits me right in the chest. Something, possibly a rib, snaps, and I fall to the ground with a groan (Training Point Lost).

Kate Henson, D4 Female

Kate Henson, D4 Female

I’m just coming back from using the bathroom when I hear the scuffle and shouting. Someone’s attacking. My walk turns into a run. I turn around the corner and come upon the boy from 3 scavenging through a pile off supplies, his back turned to me.

Hannah Cruz, D3 Female

Hannah Cruz, D3 Female

I’m advancing on the boy from 1 when I see her. Standing right behind Rene, reaching for a knife.

“Hannah, catch!” he yells, throwing a backpack of supplies at me.

“Rene! Behind you!” I scream just as the girl throws her knife with a yell.

He turns around just in time to catch it in the face. The backpack lands at my feet just as his head hits the ground.

The world goes strangely silent. I pick up the backpack and turn to run, dragging my hammer behind me as knives fly past my head. Eventually the girl from 4 runs out of ammo and stops chasing after me, turning back to tend to her fallen ally.

The cannon blast brings sound back to the world, and I become aware of the fact that I’m screaming. Rene. I scream and sob as I run, not daring to stop until I’m back in our base, falling to my knees and letting our a guttural cry. Rene is dead. My brother is dead.

Dead Tribute:

Rene Cruz, D3 Male

Rene Cruz, D3 Male

Injured Tribute:

Dan McBride, D1 Male

Dan McBride, D1 Male


Kill Count:

Dan Mcbride, D1 Male: 1 (Alex Dooley: D12 Male)

Taylor Pride, D2 Male: 1 (Kailyn Love: D8 Female)

Hannah Cruz, D3 Female: 1 (Peyton Finley: D6 Male)

Kate Henson, D4 Female: 2 (Justin McCoy: D8 Male, Rene Cruz: D3 Male)

Chris Thompson, D4 Male: 1 (Lindsey Emery: D9 Female)


Careers (Grace Walter and Dan McBride: D1 Tributes, Amber Washington: D2 Female, Kate Henson and Chris Thompson: D4 Tributes)

Abby’s Alliance: (Abby Long: D7 Female, Sarah Harrist: D11 Female)

The Deserter’s Alliance: (Maureen Lynch: D5 Female, Eliana Schulze: D10 Female)

Preston’s Alliance: (Johnny Edman: D5 Male, Preston Howell: D10 Male)

Sponsorship is now open! Be sure to vote for your favorite, and to choose a new favorite if your tribute died today!


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