May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Fifteen


The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Amanda Gregornik of District 11!

Amanda Gregornik, D11 Female

Amanda Gregornik, D11 Female

Congrats Amanda, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Agility).

Day Fifteen

Amanda Gregornik, D11 Female

Amanda Gregornik, D11 Female

The Gamemakers sent rain last night to put out the remaining fires that still burned in the jungle, and the downpour hasn’t stopped since. I plod through the muddy ground and between smoldering remnants of trees, breathing in lungfuls of heavy, ash-filled air. My clothes, already thoroughly soaked from my plunge into the river yesterday, cling to my body like a wet burlap sack. The air is still humid and thick, so I’m not freezing. But I wish the rain would let up.

I continue my trek through the ruined jungle, looking for a tree that survived the wildfire. Some broad leaves above my head sound wonderful right about now.

Luke Vander Ploeg, D4 Male

Luke Vander Ploeg, D4 Male

I sob as God watches the last of the blood around the Cornucopia be washed away by the rain.

Why must the Gamemakers punish me so? Do they, like my former allies, not hear God’s command for blood to be spilled?

She hovers over the ground, the rain bending away from her, the droplets not worthy to rest on her skin. I cannot look at Her. Shame creeps over me.

“I will find one! I will find one and bring you her blood!” I shout to her.

She does not answer. She does not look at me.

I sprint away from the Cornucopia, tears rolling down my face as the rain pours over me. I am failing Her.

Kylie Marble, D10 Female

Kylie Marble, D10 Female

Wishing more than anything that I had thought to bring a hairtie with me as my arena token, I pull my soaked hair out of my face once again, sputtering and wiping my eyes. This rain is annoying, but it’s far from the worst of my problems.

The bite on my leg throbs as I remove yet another pus and blood-soaked bandage from it and gingerly re-wrap it with a fresh one. I already know it’s infected. The red streaks spreading from the wound, the swelling, the yellowish pus…it’s not pretty.

I roll my pant leg back down and continue stumbling towards the Cornucopia. It’s the only place I can think to go where I know there will be shelter from the rain. My cave was working fine until the water started pooling on the ground. An infected wound sitting in standing water is a death sentence.

The male from 4 is probably out hunting for us now. If I can get to the Cornucopia before he gets back, I might even be able to get the drop on him from inside the golden horn itself. And maybe there’s some medicine still left over from the feast.

It’s non-negotiable. I have to go. I did not come all this way to die from an insect bite.

Amanda Gregornik, D11 Female

Amanda Gregornik, D11 Female

I hit the ground as fast as I can as Kylie hobbles past me, clearly favoring one leg over the other. She’s wounded. Maybe a burn from the fire?

My mud-soaked clothes, hair, and skin are perfect camouflage for the ash-ridden remains of the moonlit arena, or at least good enough so that she doesn’t even notice me.

Determination is set on her face as she continues to press forward. She’s clearly heading somewhere. The Cornucopia, maybe? For more medicine?

I wait in the mud. She’s almost out of sight, still hobbling on.

Then she stops. My heart races. Has she heard me?

No, but she’s heard something. She turns in a slow circle, lifting her bow and notching an arrow.

It all happens quite fast after that. The shock that registers on her face as she lifts her bow and fires, just as I hear the approaching footsteps. The panic that replaces the shock, telling me that she’s missed her target. Her shaky attempt at loading up another arrow.

She doesn’t even get the chance to pull back the bowstring a second time before the male from 4 is tackling her to the ground. I clamber to my feet and run in the opposite direction, their intermingling screams and grunts drowning out the sound of my escape.

Jess Edelblut, D12 Female

Jess Edelblut, D12 Female

The cannon fires right before the anthem begins. A rare opportunity for me to see who just died.

The sky lights up as the anthem plays, and the woman from 10’s face appears after a moment. It lingers for a moment before the arena is once again flooded with darkness, the moon being blocked out by yet another storm cloud.

I sigh and sit back against the charred stump as the rain pours down over me.

She looked so kind. Like she didn’t belong in here at all. But none of us really belong here. Maybe Luke, but that’s it.

Final three. Twenty-one down, two to go.

Deceased Tribute

Kylie Marble, D10 Female


Strongest Tribute: Luke Vander Ploeg (D4 M)

Most Agile Tributes: Amanda Gregornik (D11 F) and Jess Edelblut (D12 F)

Most Cunning Tribute: Luke Vander Ploeg (D4 M)

Most Charming Tributes: Amanda Gregornik (D11 F) and Jess Edelblut (D12 F)

Strongest Overall Tribute: Luke Vander Ploeg (D4 M)

Attribute scores have been altered due to today’s events. Please note the changes on the respective page.

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