May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Fifteen


Today’s winner is…Ellen Egerton of District 10!

Ellen Egerton, District 10 Female

Ellen Egerton, District 10 Female

Congrats, Ellen, your training score is now 9!


Day Fifteen

Josh Ryken, District 2 Male

Josh Ryken, District 2 Male

Once the anthem played and the dead were shown in the sky last night, two truths became apparent.

The first is that Jen from 1 isn’t dead like I thought. I knew I’d only heard three cannons and not four yesterday. Stupid move on my part to check and see if she was breathing. I’ll have to track her down now as well as the other four girls.

That’s the second truth: I’m the last male tribute in the Games. No male tribute has won the Games in the past three years; the closest we got was last year, when Ben from District 11 made it to the finale before being utterly destroyed by Victoria from 10.

I don’t plan on being an historical benchmark though. I’ve already made it further in the Games than any District 2 male in the past three years. And I plan on making it to the end.


Ellen Egerton, District 10 Female

Ellen Egerton, District 10 Female

Of all the things I need in the Games, an infection is probably the last on the list.

So of course I would end up getting one (Training Point Lost).

The area around my arrow wound from yesterday is inflamed and leaking pus, which is never a good sign. Every time I inhale, it throbs and aches, a constant reminder of my mortality.

Maybe if there were some antibiotics around here, I could have done more for my injury besides slapping a bandage on it.

I just need to kill everyone and get out of here, before this infection gets worse and kills me.


Kasey Send, District 6 Female

Kasey Send, District 6 Female

As I rest against a tree trunk, deep in the heart of the mainland’s forest, I realize that it’s been fifteen days since I’ve spoken. I’m not one to talk to myself, and there certainly hasn’t been anyone else around to chat with.

I work up the nerve to say something to myself.


The voice that comes out of my mouth seems foreign and unfamiliar, as if someone had transplanted their vocal chords into my throat. I say it again.

“Hello. Hello, I’m Kasey.”

I repeat this last sentence, feeling catharsis sweep over me like a wave.

It’s good to speak again.


Christie Taylor, District 9 Female

Christie Taylor, District 9 Female

In some ways, I should be proud of myself. No tribute from District 9 has made it this far in the Games in the past three years. Guys or girls.

But the things I’ve done to get here…

I stand on the edge of the mainland, in the place I was standing two days ago when I watched my district partner drift to his inevitable death. I feel that same drifting in my soul, a downward spiral that began the day I speared the boy from 10.

“Self-defense,” I whisper to myself. But that only forces a bloodied image of my ally Katherine into my head. I don’t even know how she died, and I’ve imagined the worst. A long, drawn-out killing. She was probably scared.

I could have saved her.

“Not here,” a voice in my head whispers. “You can only save yourself.”

But am I worth saving?

This thought sits unanswered in my head as I turn at the sound of a snapping branch. The girl from 12 is there, and she releases her bowstring in my hesitation to answer my question.

Had I realized my answer a mere second sooner, I would have dodged her arrow and charged her with my spear. But the arrow strikes me in the neck before I can act on my answer.

I stumble back off the side of the cliff, the pain in my neck faint and barely noticeable. At a time when I would normally be anxious and scared of death, I instead find peace. Cool air rushes past me, pulling my hair out of my ponytail and sending it billowing about my face.

I am a beautiful falling angel. An angel who, for all her faults, is worth saving.

My answer is yes.

I close my eyes and smile as I strike the forcefield and become dust.



Deceased Tribute

Christie Taylor, District 9 Female

Christie Taylor, District 9 Female

Injured Tribute

Ellen Egerton, District 10 Female

Ellen Egerton, District 10 Female

Current Training Scores

District 1: Jennifer Fu (7)

District 2: Josh Ryken (8)

District 6: Kasey Send (4)

District 10: Ellen Egerton (8)

District 12: Kayla Roberson (9)


Strongest Tribute: District 12’s Kayla Roberson

Weakest Tributes: District 6’s Kasey Send

Average Training Score: 7.2

Median Training Score: 8

Score Most Tributes Have: 8


Kill Streak

District 1’s Joseph Quiggle: Two kills (District 4’s Edwin Chung, District 5’s Maurice Bokanga)

District 1’s Jennifer Fu: One kill (District 1’s Joseph Quiggle)

District 2’s Josh Ryken: Three kills (District 2’s Dr. Tiffany Kriner, District 8’s Abe Nakamura, District 12’s Andrew Wang)

District 3’s Katherine Braden: One kill (District 11’s Nico Lasta)

District 4’s Edwin Chung: Two kills (District 3’s Dr. Matthew Milliner and Katherine Braden)

District 9’s Joseph Abdelmelek: One kill (District 5’s Dr. Beth Jones)

District 9’s Christie Taylor: One kill (District 10’s David Nitchman)

District 10’s Ellen Egerton: Two kills (District 6’s Zackary Smiley, District 7’s Ben Weidemann)

District 12’s Kayla Roberson: One kill (District 9’s Christie Taylor)


Sponsorship is now open!



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