May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Five


The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Drew Chambers of District 9!

Drew Chambers, District 9 Male

Congrats, Drew, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Charm).

Day Five

Zach Peterson, District 4 Male

Zach Peterson, District 4 Male

I have to say, being in the Games is very different from watching them on TV.

Of course there’s the obvious, that watching your former alliance be incapacitated effortlessly by an android right before your very eyes is different than watching it on a screen. The violence and death is obviously more grotesque and shocking when it’s happening right in front of you.

But besides that half-minute long incident, nothing else has happened to me. And that’s where the true difference lies.

I watched every single death in the Games last year. Some of them were live, but most were replays, slow-motion cuts of heads and limbs being chopped off or acid eating into a tribute’s face. Usually there was some commentary in the background, some anchor blabbing away on what that unfortunate tribute did wrong, or why the tribute who did them in should be sponsored.

It’s different when you’re in here. A few cannons have gone off since Maureen died, and even though I can see who’s gone at night, it’s just not the same.

I haven’t come across a single tribute since I ran out of the room and abandoned my alliance a couple days ago.

The cannons only serve as reminders that I’m not alone in here.


Cyle Cucinotta, District 11 Female

The remnants of my alliance settle into yet another room for some rest. We’ve been on the move ever since Katherine reported to Alison and me why the android killed Maureen but left us alone. With no way to tell when twelve hours has passed, we now switch rooms based solely on our nerves.

This time it was Katherine who stood up and announced that we should leave. The room before that, it was Alison.

I wish we’d do something. All we’ve done is move from room to room, eating and resting and waiting for something to attack us. We should be hunting, but my allies both feel content hiding.

Zach and Jordan are still alive out there, doing just fine on their own after leaving our alliance. I can’t help but think that maybe they’ve got the right idea.


Jordan Snyder, District 7 Male

Jordan Snyder, District 7 Male

Voices catch my attention, and I freeze in my tracks, looking down the adjacent hallway to mine. I break into a sprint as a muffled cry breaks out from further down the hallway and around the corner. I break into a sprint, hoping to catch some tributes.

To my dismay, a cannon fires just as I round the corner and come across the body of a male tribute. I recognize him immediately as the boy from 10, his light-brown hair sweeping over his head in waves. He lies face-down in a pool of his own blood which, despite his cannon having fired, still pours from a large gash in his neck. Another deep wound on his shoulder, clearly an older wound, shows early signs of infection.

I remember watching this boy in training, how he wandered around aimlessly before the boy from 11 took him under his wing, along with the equally as weak boy from 5. All that’s left from their alliance is that boy from 11, and from the absence of a weapon, as well as a small blood trail that slowly tapers off to a few drops further down the hallway, I’d guess that the other Jordan in the Games finally wised up and cut off his last loose end.


Jordan Strong, District 11 Male

Jordan Strong, District 11 Male

He begged me to do it.

 Deceased Tribute

Christopher Bae, District 10 Male

Christopher Bae, District 10 Male


Strongest Tributes: Joselyn Broadway (D1 Female), Chris Prescher (D6 Male), Dr. Christina Bieber-Lake (D9 Female)

Most Agile Tributes: Chris Prescher (D6 Male), Jordan Snyder (D7 Male), and Drew Chambers (D9 Male)

Most Cunning Tribute: Sarah Kenny (D4 Female)

Most Charming Tributes: Jackie Fortier (D2 Female), Dr. Alison Gibson (D7 Female), Cyle Cucinotta (D11 Female)

Attribute scores and alliances have been altered due to today’s events. Please note the changes on the respective page.

The benchmark for Day 6 has been posted on the home page!


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