May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Nine


Today’s winner is…Abigail Black of District 4!

Abigail Black, District 4 Female

Abigail Black, District 4 Female

Congrats, Abigail, your training score is now 12!


Day Nine

Andrew Wang, District 12 Male

Andrew Wang, District 12 Male

Edwin went hunting by himself. Jen doesn’t know yet; she’s still asleep. If she were awake, I’m positive she wouldn’t have allowed it. Ever since Zack died, she’s been completely paranoid, expecting an attack to come at any given moment.

I hate to say it, but I really don’t trust Jen as a leader anymore.

It started when she came back from hunting the District 3 man with Edwin, injured. She went into the Cornucopia and didn’t come out for hours. I think it shook her, made her realize that she wasn’t as untouchable as she thought.

And then Zach died.

Now all she does is eat, sleep, and worry.

At least Edwin takes initiative. He’s playing the game.


Kasey Send, District 6 Female

Kasey Send, District 6 Female

Maybe everyone’s forgotten about me.

It’s the only explanation; I haven’t seen a tribute in days. Meanwhile, strong tributes like the boys from 5 and 6 are getting killed off.

It’s for the best, I suppose. Maybe the last tribute will be injured and I might actually have a chance at winning.

The problem is that I have to keep on the move. The Gamemakers hate when tributes sit still, as I’ve noticed from watching in past years.

And it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m bound to run into another tribute.

I just hope my luck keeps up.


Christie Taylor, District 9 Female

Christie Taylor, District 9 Female

Katherine’s finally asleep. I survey the area quickly, and then grab my pack and head off into the forest.

She can’t protect me anymore. She never really has. When the boy from 10 attacked me, I finished him off by myself. And I saved Katherine from the vine monster.

Really, what has she done for me?

I’ve done well on my own, when I’ve found it necessary. And I’m sure I’ll be okay on my own in the future.

But I can’t kill her. Nor can I steal her supplies. She deserves to have an equal chance, just like me.


Edwin Chung, District 4 Male

Edwin Chung, District 4 Male

The girl from 3 doesn’t have a chance. She lies on the ground, asleep, a knife clenched in her hand.

I approach slowly, unsheathing my katana as stealthily as possible.

Not stealthily enough though. The girl’s eyes open just as I lift the sword over my head.

With a shriek, she flings her knife out at me. I try to dodge, but there’s only so much I can do while I’m stepping into a sword-strike. The knife impales itself in my side (Training Point Lost), and I cry out in pain.

But even despite the pain, I’m able to swing my sword down and chop off her extended arm.

She screams, clutching the remnants of her arm and crying out for her ally, who’s nowhere to be found. I end the cries of pain with another sweep of my sword, removing the girl’s head from her body.


Christie Taylor, District 9 Female

Christie Taylor, District 9 Female

A cannon fires, and I stop in my tracks. I look back towards my base, where I left Katherine.

“No, couldn’t be her,” I whisper.

With that, I turn back and head further into the forest.

Deceased Tribute

Katherine Braden, District 3 Female

Katherine Braden, District 3 Female

Injured Tribute

Edwin Chung, District 4 Male

Edwin Chung, District 4 Male

Current Training Scores

District 1: Jennifer Fu (9) and Joseph Quiggle (11)

District 2: Dr. Tiffany Kriner (11) and Josh Ryken (9)

District 4: Abigail Black (12) and Edwin Chung (8)

District 6: Kasey Send (5)

District 7: Ben Weidemann (6)

District 9: Christie Taylor (6) and Joseph Abdelmelek (8)

District 10: Ellen Egerton (10)

District 12: Kayla Roberson (8) and Andrew Wang (6)


Strongest Tribute: District 4’s Abigail Black

Weakest Tribute: District 5’s Kasey Send

Average Training Score: 8.46

Median Training Score: 9

Score Most Tributes Have: 6, 9


Kill Streak

District 1’s Joseph Quiggle: One kill (District 5’s Maurice Bokanga)

District 2’s Josh Ryken: One kill (District 8’s Abe Nakamura)

District 3’s Katherine Braden: One kill (District 11’s Nico Lasta)

District 4’s Edwin Chung: Two kills (District 3’s Dr. Matthew Milliner and Katherine Braden)

District 9’s Joseph Abdelmelek: One kill (District 5’s Dr. Beth Jones)

District 9’s Christie Taylor: One kill (District 10’s David Nitchman)

District 10’s Ellen Egerton: One kill (District 6’s Zackary Smiley)



The Terrible Three (District 1’s Jennifer Fu, District 4’s Edwin Chung, and District 12’s Andrew Wang)


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