May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Seven


The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Jackie Fortier of District 2!

Jackie Fortier, District 2 Female

Congrats, Jackie, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Agility).

Day Seven

Jordan Strong, District 11 Male

Jordan Strong, District 11 Male

I wake up with a start, sucking air in through my teeth. Nightmare.

It’s always the same, every time I shut my eyes. Kei’s knife in my hand, drawing in slow-motion across Chris’s neck, his ear-piercing scream echoing in my head until I open my eyes.

This can’t be good for my sanity.

I stand up and go to check my socks; they’re still damp from the trek through the water I made yesterday. I was close to a watertight door yesterday, so I wasn’t in the same sort of danger that the other tributes must have been, judging from the cannons. It’s doubtful that the two tributes who died ever thought they would drown in space.

I managed to carry all of my supplies with me, which isn’t much to begin with. Two day’s worth of food, a couple water bottles that I filled up as I was wading through the water yesterday, and my spear. The steel-tipped end of the weapon glistens, Kei’s blood washed away from the torrents of water yesterday.

Somewhere back in the flooded section of the arena, the knife I used to kill Chris sits on the floor in some abandoned hallway. I couldn’t carry it with me; I’ll carry my guilt when I get out of here.


Alex Dooley, District 3 Male

Alex Dooley, District 3 Male

My alliance has been all but wiped out.

Sure, Mariah getting killed off early on was predictable. I don’t think any of us allied with her for any reason besides pity. But the Joey died, and now Shalom’s gone.

It’s just Joselyn and me.

She hasn’t said much to me since we watched Shalom’s body get lifted into the ceiling. She must be shell-shocked.

I shoot her a friendly smile as we move through the hallway, hunting for supplies and tributes.


Joselyn Broadway, District 1 Female

Joselyn Broadway, District 1 Female

I wish he’d stop grinning at me like that. I wish he’d blink. He must be shell-shocked.


Drew Chambers, District 9 Male

Against all odds, my alliance is still thriving. Besides losing Ben on the second day, we’ve managed to stick together and survive.

Apparently, surviving is not enough.

“We aren’t dying off fast enough,” Chris mutters off in the corner. He slashes at the air with his katana, sulking.

“Two tributes died yesterday,” responds Dr. Bieber quietly. “How is that not enough?”

Chris whirls to face her.

“If I could get my hands on the tributes out there-”

Sarah from 4 laughs out loud.

“How are you going to kill tributes slashing at the air in here?”

Chris advances on her, red-faced. To her credit, Sarah doesn’t even flinch as he screams in her face.

“You want me to go kill some tributes? Fine, I will!”

With that, he stomps out of the room, katana in hand.

Sarah casually wipes spittle off of her face and moves back to the floor.

“I hope he gets himself killed out there.”


Alexandra Browne, District 10 Female

Alexandra Browne, District 10 Female

With Jackie asleep and me on watch, I finally have time to silently reflect.

Joseph’s dead. It was his own fault, granted, but it’s just a strange feeling, knowing that he’s not out hunting right now, that he won’t be coming back through that door.

I don’t know why I’m crying right now. I didn’t even know him that well.


Cyle Cucinotta, District 11 Female

Cyle Cucinotta, District 11 Female

Katherine’s not doing well.

When she’s not sleeping, she’s coughing and sniffling (Attribute Point Lost). Must’ve gotten sick after being in the water yesterday and not drying off. Not that we had any options of drying off.

Dr. Gibson and I are keeping Katherine over in the corner of our room. We’ll have to move to another room soon, to avoid the androids.

“Maybe we should just leave her here to die.”

The thought’s crossed my mind a couple times. I wouldn’t dare say it to Dr. Gibson; she’d shoot an arrow through my skull in response if I did.

I’m not content sitting here playing nurse to someone who has to die for me to get out of here though.

I guess it’s true. Good people don’t make it out of the Games.

I wonder how much longer I can be a good person.

Injured Tribute

Katherine Braden, District 6 Female

Katherine Braden, District 6 Female



Strongest Tribute: Dr. Christina Bieber-Lake (D9 Female)

Most Agile Tributes: Chris Prescher (D6 Male), Jordan Snyder (D7 Male), and Drew Chambers (D9 Male)

Most Cunning Tributes: Sarah Kenny (D4 Female) and Kelly Farley (D5 Female)

Most Charming Tributes: Jackie Fortier (D2 Female), Dr. Alison Gibson (D7 Female), Cyle Cucinotta (D11 Female)

Strongest Overall Tribute: Dr. Christina Bieber-Lake (D9 Female)

Attribute scores have been altered due to today’s events. Please note the changes on the respective page.

The benchmark for Day 8 has been posted on the home page!


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