May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Seven


Today’s winner is…Andrew Wang of District 12!

Andrew Wang, District 12 Male

Andrew Wang, District 12 Male

Congrats, Andrew, your training score is now 6!


Day Seven

Abigail Black, District 4 Female

Abigail Black, District 4 Female

I finally saw a tribute today. Turns out I was looking forward when all I had to do was look up.

The floating islands, I thought they were just scenic. But then, this morning, I saw the girl from 10 peering over the side of one.

“How’d you get up there?” I shouted at her after a few moments of silent staring.

She didn’t answer, so I pointed my crossbow at her and fired quickly. Not quickly enough though; she rolled to her side and dodged the arrow that would have gone straight through her eye. Then she backed away from the cliff’s edge.

I’ve been searching the area for the past few hours, trying to find a way to get up there and kill her. But all I’ve managed to find is a strange metal stand near the edge of the mainland I’ve been on since the Games started.

Frustrated, I turn and stomp back into the forest. What’s the point of being in the Games if you can’t find anyone to kill?


Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

Something rustles in the bushes behind me; I spin around with a small shriek. But I can’t see anything. The bushes sit on the border of a small forest, one that I’ve been meaning to explore since I arrived at this new sky island yesterday.

I look to my left, where my pack sit against a small rock. Just as I do, the rustling noise in the bushes returns. When I look again, it stops immediately.

“Who’s there?” I shout.


Keeping my eyes on the bushes, I step to my left towards my pack.

I have a hunch what this might be, and if I’m right, then I’ll be needing a match.


Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female

Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female

I’m walking back towards camp after using the bathroom when I hear a rustling noise from a bush over to my right. Instinctively, I pull out the knife from my pack and point it at whatever it is.

“Josh? Dr. Kriner? That you?”

The rustling stops.

I advance slowly towards the bush. It’s far too small for anyone to be hiding behind it. Could it be a rabbit?

I move closer.


Katherine Braden, District 3 Female

Katherine Braden, District 3 Female

The bush keeps rustling as I move closer to it.

“Be careful,” murmurs Christie behind me.

“Relax,” I mutter over my shoulder. “Just be quiet.”

I reach out and touch the tip of the bush with my knife.

Before I even have a chance to react, several thick vines shoot out of the bush, knocking my knife out of my hand and  towards my neck. With a scream, I dodge, but the vines react quickly.

One snags around my left arm as I turn away, running towards a screaming Christie. The vine yanks hard, pulling me back and forcing me to the ground, where the other vines are able to snake over me. I struggle, but the vines are strong.

“Christie, help me!” I scream as a particularly thick vine wraps itself around my neck and begins to squeeze…


Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

I toss the lit match onto the bush.

Immediately, several green vines shoot out of the bush and appear to pull in different directions, all trying to escape the rapidly-growing flames.

I knew it. A muttation.

I move back towards the small pond behind me as the vines writhe and burn, dropping dead one by one as the bush is engulfed in flames. Flames that begin to spread to other trees in the small forest, where even more vines erupt from bushes and fruitlessly try to escape their demise.

Good thing I didn’t go exploring.


Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female

Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female

A single vine, one as thick as the rabbit I thought might be in the bush, erupts from the foliage and strikes me in the face, knocking me backwards. Shocked, I try to turn and run, but end up stumbling over myself as the vine snakes in-between my legs. Wrapping around my right leg, it pulls back and brings me crashing to the ground. I’m able to let out a terrified shriek before the vine wraps itself around my mouth, silencing me. Then it lifts me off my feet and into the air, wrapping once around my neck and squeezing…


Josh Ryken, District 2 Male

Josh Ryken, District 2 Male

I’m discussing rations with Dr. Kriner when the cannon fires. We’re on our feet in an instant.

Dr. Gibson should have been back by now.

“She went that way, go!” shouts Dr. Kriner.

We crash through the jungle, searching feverishly for our ally.


Katherine Braden, District 3 Female

Katherine Braden, District 3 Female

Half a second before I go unconscious, the vines go limp.

I rip the vine around my neck off and gasp the most wonderful breath of air ever into my lungs.

I sit up slowly, groggily, noticing immediately the red patches all over my body where the vines were wrapped around me. They sting horribly (Training Point Lost), but at least I’m alive.

Thanks to my ally, who stands near the bush with my knife in her hand. Below her lies the ends of the vines that she sliced free from their source, cutting them off from whatever it was that wanted to kill me.

“Thank God, you’re okay!” she cries, rushing over to me and helping me to my feet, taking care not to touch the reddened areas on my skin.

“I’ll make you a salve,” she says. “You’ll be feeling better in no time.”

I nod silently, trying not to show the fear that’s bubbled up in my chest.

Without Christie, I’d be dead right now.


Josh Ryken, District 2 Male

Josh Ryken, District 2 Male

We never find her.


Deceased Tribute

Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female

Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female

Injured Tribute

Katherine Braden, District 3 Female

Katherine Braden, District 3 Female


Current Training Scores

District 1: Jennifer Fu (9) and Joseph Quiggle (11)

District 2: Dr. Tiffany Kriner (10) and Josh Ryken (10)

District 3: Katherine Braden (9)

District 4: Abigail Black (11) and Edwin Chung (9)

District 5: Maurice Bokanga (10)

District 6: Kasey Send (5)

District 7: Ben Weidemann (6)

District 9: Christie Taylor (6) and Joseph Abdelmelek (8)

District 10: Ellen Egerton (10)

District 12: Kayla Roberson (8) and Andrew Wang (6)


Strongest Tributes: District 1’s Joseph Quiggle and District 4’s Abigail Black

Weakest Tributes: District 5’s Kasey Send

Average Training Score: 8.53

Median Training Score: 9

Score Most Tributes Have: 10


Kill Streak

District 2’s Josh Ryken: One kill (District 8’s Abe Nakamura)

District 3’s Katherine Braden: One kill (District 11’s Nico Lasta)

District 4’s Edwin Chung: One kill (District 3’s Dr. Matthew Milliner)

District 9’s Joseph Abdelmelek: One kill (District 5’s Dr. Beth Jones)

District 9’s Christie Taylor: One kill (District 10’s David Nitchman)

District 10’s Ellen Egerton: One kill (District 6’s Zackary Smiley)



The Terrible Three (District 1’s Jennifer Fu, District 4’s Edwin Chung, and District 12’s Andrew Wang)

The Blonde Resistance (District 3’s Katherine Braden and District 9’s Christie Taylor)

The Elites (District 2’s Josh Ryken and Dr. Tiffany Kriner)



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