May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Seventeen


The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Drew Chambers of District 10!

Drew Chambers, District 9 Male

Congrats, Drew, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Cunning).

Day Seventeen

Alexandra Browne, District 10 Female

I stalk through the hallways, my stomach rumbling. The last of my food is gone, but I’m not looking for any more. At this point in the Games, I’m more likely to run across my dead ally than a stash of supplies. No, I won’t be eating anything else until I get out of here.

Both the woman from 7 and the boy from 9 use long-range weapons; my only chance at a kill will come from a close-range attack, and I’ll need to either rush them or sneak up on them for that to happen. Not that sneaking will be very hard, considering the racket that’s coming from the space station.

All day, the station has been groaning and metal panels have been collapsing from the walls and ceilings. I guess the Gamemakers weren’t expecting the station to need to hold up this long. Maybe they thought the Games would end sooner than they will now. It’s not very comforting, not being sure whether or not the walls around you will hold up.

As if to emphasize my point, the wall at the end of the hallway I’ve just turned into suddenly rips down the middle, exposing the station to the vacuum of space. I’m just starting to be sucked down the hallway towards the hole when a metal door slams down from the ceiling to the floor in the center of the hallway.

“Hull breach. Repressurizing, please evacuate area,” the friendly female voice from the panels says from somewhere above me.

I pick myself off of the floor and move away from the door as quickly as I can, sprinting through the hallways of the station with my mace clutched in my hand. All around me, alarms start blaring.

Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female

Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female

“Warning. Hull breach. Follow line to escape pods.”

I snatch up my bow and run for the door before turning around for my quiver of arrows. My backpack’s on the other side of the room; I leave it behind since it’s only got a half-full bottle of water in it.

Stepping outside into the hallway, I stumble into a wall as the space station shifts violently. A rumbling sound hints at an explosion somewhere else in the arena. I’ve got to get out of here.

I look down at the blue line that’s appeared at my feet, and then up at the hallway that it’s leading me down. Lights flash above me as I race for the escape pods, trying to keep my balance as the station rocks under my feet.

“Warning. Multiple hull breaches. Pressurization systems failing. Follow line to escape pods.”


Alexandra Browne, District 10 Female

Alexandra Browne, District 10 Female

Thankfully, the escape pods aren’t far from where I was hunting originally. I step into the small room where they are housed, and find exactly what I was expecting to find. Two spherical pods sit at the far end of the room, jutting halfway out of the station. I race towards the one on the left, jumping in and pulling the glass door shut behind me. I hear a snapping sound as the door seals shut, and then the interior of the pod lights up, revealing a seat and a small control panel, under a large glass window blocked by some kind of metal covering on the outside.

I slide into the seat, holding my mace between my legs, and observe the panel in front of me. The station shudders violently, and I slam my hand down on the “Launch” button. The metal covering slides up and around the small glass bubble that is my escape pod, moving to the back, where the door is. Engines suddenly fire up, and the pod is launched away, leaving the metal cover behind.

I turn around in my seat and look out through the glass at the space station. It’s on its last legs; breaches in the panels and walls are visible even as I blast away from it. Near the east end, a sudden fiery explosion rips an entire section off of the station. It’s eerily silent; the vacuum of space prevents sound from traveling even short distances.

I’d wager a guess that things aren’t so quiet back on board, though.


Drew Chambers, District 9 Male

Drew Chambers, District 9 Male

I abandon my backpack and run for my life, screaming as bolts and panels are ripped from the walls as the station rocks and shakes. The blue line below me flickers as the lights begin to dim and fade, but thankfully it holds up long enough to make it to the escape pod room.

There’s only one left. I take one step towards it before I’m thrown to the ground by a powerful jolt. The sound of an explosion from somewhere deep in the station vibrates off the walls.

I clamber to my feet just as the woman from 7 stumbles into the doorway, looking disheveled. She sees me heading for the door, and lets out a panicked cry. She pulls out her bow and arrow, and tries to steady her aim as the station shakes. I lie on the ground, desperately trying to pull myself back to my feet.

A rumbling noise suddenly becomes louder and louder, and I finally clamber to my feet as the woman looks to her left as she stands in the doorway. She only has time to scream in horror as a wall of water smashes into her, carrying her out of sight. I crawl into the last pod and slam the door of the pod just as the water reaches it. The inside lights up, and I hit the “Launch” button, collapsing back into the seat as the pod launches me away from the dying station.

Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female

Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female

I finally swim to the surface of the bubbling water, gasping for air as the current carries me further and further from the escape pods. The pressure doors holding back the water in the flooded section of the arena must have given out. It’s over. I’m dead.

The lights fizzle out, and I’m alone in the sound of rushing water. Then a loud explosion rips the air right out of my lungs.


Alexandra Browne, District 10 Female

Alexandra Browne, District 10 Female

The station suddenly explodes in a bright red-orange ball, forcing me to shield my eyes. I don’t hear anything but the sound of a cannon echo through the interior of my pod. Someone didn’t make it out of there.

Judging from the other glass ball shooting through space behind me, silhouetted in the fiery explosion behind it, one tribute did make it out. My pod’s on autopilot, and I’m assuming theirs is too. Wherever they take us will be where the final battle of these Games will take place. It’s almost over.

Twenty-two down.

Drew Chambers, District 9 Male

Drew Chambers, District 9 Male

One to go.

Deceased Tribute

Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female


Strongest Tributes: Drew Chambers (D9 Male), and Alexandra Browne (D10 Female)

Most Agile Tributes: Alexandra Browne (D10 Female)

Most Cunning Tribute: Alexandra Browne (D10 Female)

Most Charming Tribute: Alexandra Browne (D10 Female)

Strongest Overall Tribute: Alexandra Browne (D10 Female)

The finale is tomorrow!


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