May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Seventeen


The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Jai Ferrick of District 4!

Jai Ferrick, D4 Male

Jai Ferrick, D4 Male

Congrats Jai, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Cunning).

Day Seventeen

Sierra Strom, D2 Female

Sierra Strom, D2 Female

The clattering of the rain against the sides and roof of the golden horn bring me some sort of odd comfort. I’ve been hiding out in here since I killed the woman from 9 two days ago, and have gotten quite the showing of the Gamemaker’s continued impatience expressed through the weather.

Heat waves, thunderstorms, even a mini-blizzard last night. It’s a strange choice for the Gamemakers, who I’m used to seeing just throw muttations at tributes that they want out of the running.

I guess the fact that I haven’t encountered any since the rats that took out my alliance means that I’m a favorite to win. I have to hope so, anyways.

The woman from my district made it to the finale six years ago, but she didn’t win. She bled out in a pool of water and a scrawny woman from District 3 ended up winning.

I don’t know enough about my competition to say whether or not they deserve to have made it this far, but that’s an advantage in and of itself. They most likely don’t know anything about me either. Just that I’m trained, and that I’ve lasted this long without even a struggle.

The rain slowly tapers off, and I peek my head out as the thick dark clouds warp and twist above me, slowly forming a spiral in the sky.

When I get out of here, I swear I’m spending at least a month without going outside.

Jai Ferrick, D4 Male

Jai Ferrick, D4 Male

The wind begins to pick up as the spiral in the sky suddenly reaches down towards the ground in a violent funnel. Another tornado.

I’m about to pack up the few supplies I’ve got left and run when I spot a blip of motion in the grass, just ahead of the tornado. A muttation?

The blip reappears, an auburn blur of motion heading straight for me. The top of a tribute’s head. The woman from 11.

I crouch down in the grass, hoping she hasn’t seen me, realizing that there’s a reason the Gamemakers dropped a tornado down right behind the woman and forced her to start moving towards me. Lambs to the slaughter.

I unsheathe my katana and listen intently for the approaching footsteps. It’s hard to hear over the freight train rumble of the encroaching tornado, but she’s not exactly being quiet.

The woman charges right past me. She doesn’t even see it coming when I slice my sword across her ankles and bring her down (Attribute Point Lost).

I stand to finish her off with a killing blow, but the tornado’s too close, suddenly having sped up like a predator pouncing on wounded prey.

So I sheathe my sword and charge away from the woman, who’s somehow clambered to her feet and is now hobbling after me, a string of curses escaping her lips.

They only want one of us. As long as I stay ahead of her, I should be okay. Should be.

Eleanor Roth, D11 Female

Eleanor Roth, D11 Female

Panicked, I limp forward as quickly as I can, the roaring tornado right on my bloodied heels. Ahead of me, the man from 4 disappears, swallowed up by the grass.

The pain is too much. I fall to my knees, my anguished curses swallowed up in the rumbling of the tornado. I crawl feebly forward, and then dig my hands deep into the ground as I suddenly feel myself being pulled backwards.

My fingers strain as my feet are lifted off of the ground. I can only hold out against nature for so long, and it’s in that short moment before the tornado rips me from the ground and tosses me into the air that I finally admit it to myself. That I’ve lost.

The vicious winds roar in my ears as dirt and debris blind me and slash across my bare skin as I whirl violently through the tornado’s spiral. I spend the remaining seconds of my life screaming for mercy and wishing for unconsciousness. I get neither.

Jai Ferrick, D4 Male

Jai Ferrick, D4 Male

The tornado vanishes almost as quickly as it appeared, the spiral suddenly fading away and leaving a variety of shapes and debris hanging in the air for just a moment before their inevitable descent.

One of the shapes screams over the dying wind as she drops like a stone from the sky. I watch her mile-long descent in fascinated horror, wincing as the muffled thump when she hits the ground reaches my ears. Her cannon fires mercifully quickly.

And just like that, I’m in the finale.

Deceased Tribute

Eleanor Roth, D11 Female

Eleanor Roth, D11 Female


Strongest Tribute: Sierra Strom (D2 F)

Most Agile Tribute: Jai Ferrick (D4 M)

Most Cunning Tribute: Jai Ferrick (D4 M)

Most Charming Tribute: Sierra Strom (D2 F)

Strongest Overall Tribute: Jai Ferrick (D4 M)

Attribute scores have been altered due to today’s events. Please note the changes on the respective page.