May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Six


The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Julia Cody of District 3!

Julia Cody, D3 Female

Julia Cody, D3 Female


Congrats Julia, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Strength).

Day Six


Kyle Johnson, D10 Male

Eighteen of us left.

I’d really tried to be nice to Zach, really. But anyone watching the Games right now must have known that he was going to be among the first few tributes to die. Hell, I’m surprised he wasn’t the first to die. Everyone knew it was inevitable. Except for Zach.

At least until he got into the arena.

He died the second Jess from 12 bruised his leg with her staff. He died as soon as he woke up and realized that the only way he was getting out of the arena was in the claw of a hovercraft.

I’ve watched tributes turn into empty shells in other Games. The girl from 6 last year is a prime example. And up until I actually entered the Games, I thought her ally from 11 was awful for the way she abandoned her ally to die.

But being around a husk like Zach, someone who practically reeked of death…

When the centipede attacked Zach, I was the first to run. And for all his grandstanding of us needing to fight for each other, Matt ran too.

We didn’t talk about it. Still haven’t. Now that Zach’s gone, we don’t have his inevitable death as a buffer against ruminating over our own inevitable deaths.

After all, we have to go back to the river at some point.

Adam Corbin, D3 Male

Adam Corbin, D3 Male

Mist swirls around me as I follow the sounds of crunching twigs and foliage. Somewhere in this dark and isolated corner of the jungle arena, a tribute is trying to hide from me.

I know it’s a woman, judging from the startled shriek I heard moments before she began crashing deeper into the jungle. And she’s alone. A perfect target for my first kill.

I need this. I need to make a mark in the Games before the Gamemakers decide I’m expendable.

Ahead of me, the female tribute screams, but then suddenly cuts off, as if she’s realized that screaming will only draw more attention to herself.

I slow my pursuit and listen intently for any sign of her, my katana at the ready.

And then I hear a second scream.

Maureen Lynch, D7 Female

Maureen Lynch, D7 Female

She caught me off guard while I was collecting more ooze from the trees, and now she’s right on my tail. I tear through the jungle as fast as I can.

Adam Corbin, D3 Male

Adam Corbin, D3 Male

The female from 7 suddenly bursts out of the foliage and slams right into me, sending us both tumbling to the ground. She’s back on her feet and running before I’ve even clambered back to mine. In the dim light, I can see the blood dripping from the edge of my katana. She’s cut herself in the collision (Attribute Point Lost).

I’m about to chase after her when I notice offhandedly that the mist is all but gone. One last tendril snakes past my leg, and I turn to watch it recede into the jungle, only to reappear in a frightful cloud as the female from 8 charges out from a clutch of vines. I barely have time to lift my katana before she slices at my neck with a knife.

I don’t even feel it at first. Just a warm cascading flow down my chest. And then the pain hits, and I’m drowning in my own blood, choking as I fall to the ground. The woman from 8 has fallen too, my katana having somehow sliced through her legs. Even in the dark, I can see the mist pouring form the corners of her mouth, and the gray murk of her eyes behind her glasses. My hands clasp uselessly at my ruptured throat. She grins devilishly at me as I die.

Ruby Wilson, D8 Female

Ruby Wilson, D8 Female

The male from 3 finally dies, his cannon silencing his gagging and gasping for air.

She whispers congrats into my ear as his blood begins to pool around my head. I love her so much.

How could I have run from her? When she found me here alone in the jungle, lost, searching for my allies after having taken a wrong turn back from the river?

She only wished to save me, and yet I fled. But she was not deterred, she found me and enraptured me and saved me! She is all I’ve ever needed.

I can feel her trying to move my legs. Sense her frustration once she realizes bones are broken and ligaments are severed. I’ll never walk again. But what does that matter? She has chosen me, it’s all I need.

She whispers in my ear one more time. Demands I make one last kill. Demands I release her.

I lift my bloodstained knife to my throat and obey.

Deceased Tributes

Adam Corbin, D3 Male

Adam Corbin, D3 Male

Ruby Wilson, D8 Female

Ruby Wilson, D8 Female

Injured Tribute

Maureen Lynch, D7 Female

Maureen Lynch, D7 Female


Strongest Tributes: Caris Chun (D1 F) and Luke Vander Ploeg (D4 M)

Most Agile Tribute: Caris Chun (D1 F)

Most Cunning Tribute: Carmeanna Eberly (D2 F)

Most Charming Tribute: Taylor Lindell (D4 F)

Strongest Overall Tribute: Taylor Lindell (D4 F)

Alliances and attribute scores have been altered due to today’s events. Please note the changes on their respective pages.

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