May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Sixteen


Today’s winner is…Ellen Egerton of District 10!

Ellen Egerton, District 10 Female

Ellen Egerton, District 10 Female

Congrats, Ellen, your training score is now 9!


Day Sixteen


Jennifer Fu, District 1 Female

Jennifer Fu, District 1 Female

Hard to believe there’s only five of us left.

I finish off another bottle of water as I lean against the side of the Cornucopia, keeping watch for any approaching tributes. No one’s come back since the feast, which was a good thing up until today, since I needed time to recover from my injuries. I’m ready to kill again, and now that I’ve got a meteor hammer, I’m a force to be reckoned with.

I tear into a ration pack, finishing off the contents as I size up what I know about my competition.

There’s Josh, of course. Strong with long-range weapons, and he managed to survive after we kicked him out of our alliance. He’s probably out in the forest, hunting the other girls.

The one that I’m most worried about is the girl from 10. Admittedly, I overlooked her in training, so the way she killed Zack was unexpected. Not sure how to fight against a poisonmaster. Strike first, I guess.

The girl from 12 is still in the Games too. Talk about a record-breaker. I don’t ever remember a tribute from 12 making it this far in any of the Games I’ve seen. She’s an obvious threat, another one to watch.

It takes me a while to remember who the last girl is. It’s a poignant statement on how memorable she was during training. There are always those tributes that you see handling a spear or knife for the first time that you know won’t make it very far.

But here we are in the final 5, and she’s still alive. I’m tempted to chalk up her survival to some hidden talent, but overestimating a tribute is just as dangerous as underestimating them.

They’ll all come to me, the ones that don’t die out there in the forest. The Games will end for me here at the Cornucopia.

Whatever the outcome.


Josh Ryken, District 2 Male

Josh Ryken, District 2 Male

The girl from 6 notices me approaching just as I load an arrow into my crossbow. Panicked, she leaps up from her resting position against a tree, like a rabbit who senses danger. Her spear sits propped against the tree, out of her reach. She’s dead. I level my crossbow at her head as she visibly trembles.

“Ple—please don’t!” she gasps helplessly.

I tune out her pleas, her cries for mercy. My finger tugs back on the trigger…

And then I drop my crossbow down and release my finger off the trigger. The girl stares at me, a confused and blubbering mess.

“Your spear,” I say. “Give it to me.”

The girl obeys immediately, grabbing her spear and tossing it to me, breathing quickly.

I grab it out of the air and stare her down for a couple seconds.

“I want you in the finale,” I finally say. “Won’t be any competition. Try to stay alive until then.”

With that, I turn to leave.


Kasey Send, District 6 Female

Kasey Send, District 6 Female

The boy from 2’s words ring in my ears long after he’s left, long after I’ve slumped back to the ground against the tree.

Part of me is fuming mad at his accusations. No competition? Really?

Well, yes, really. The other tributes are all alive through skill. I’ve just been lucky. Clearly. I had an arrow pointed at my head and managed to survive, simply because of how pathetic I am.

I’ll show them.

I turn to my pack, reaching in the side pocket where my knife, my last remaining weapon, sits tucked away.

I’ll kill them all. I’ve still got a chance.

Quickly and quietly, I leave my pack behind and stalk in the direction the boy from 2 was headed.

Soon, I hear footsteps. I jump out from behind a tree and prepare to attack my target. But it’s not the boy from 2, it’s the girl from 12.


Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

It’s the girl from 6. She slashes out at me with her knife managing to slice across my shoulder. I groan in pain and whip her across the face with my bow, sending her sprawling to the forest floor. She rolls to her left and, with a feral cry, launches herself at me from the ground, desperation in her eyes.

I dodge her leap as I pull an arrow against my bowstring. Her back is facing me as I fire, and she screams in pain as an arrow slams into her back. Another quickly-fired arrow cuts off her screams as it punctures her skull and severs her brainstem. She collapses to the ground, and a cannon fires.

“Crazy girl,” I think as I take a knee to bandage up the wound on my shoulder (Training Point Lost). She was the weakest and least skilled tribute left. Did she really think she had a chance?


Deceased Tribute

Kasey Send, District 6 Female

Kasey Send, District 6 Female

Injured Tribute

Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

Current Training Scores

District 1: Jennifer Fu (7)

District 2: Josh Ryken (8)

District 10: Ellen Egerton (9)

District 12: Kayla Roberson (8)


Strongest Tribute: District 10’s Ellen Egerton

Weakest Tributes: District 1’s Jennifer Fu

Average Training Score: 8

Median Training Score: 8

Score Most Tributes Have: 8


Kill Streak

District 1’s Joseph Quiggle: Two kills (District 4’s Edwin Chung, District 5’s Maurice Bokanga)

District 1’s Jennifer Fu: One kill (District 1’s Joseph Quiggle)

District 2’s Josh Ryken: Three kills (District 2’s Dr. Tiffany Kriner, District 8’s Abe Nakamura, District 12’s Andrew Wang)

District 3’s Katherine Braden: One kill (District 11’s Nico Lasta)

District 4’s Edwin Chung: Two kills (District 3’s Dr. Matthew Milliner and Katherine Braden)

District 9’s Joseph Abdelmelek: One kill (District 5’s Dr. Beth Jones)

District 9’s Christie Taylor: One kill (District 10’s David Nitchman)

District 10’s Ellen Egerton: Two kills (District 6’s Zackary Smiley, District 7’s Ben Weidemann)

District 12’s Kayla Roberson: Two kills (District 6’s Kasey Send, District 9’s Christie Taylor)


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