May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Ten


The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Jai Ferrick of District 4!

Jai Ferrick, D4 Male

Jai Ferrick, D4 Male

Congrats Jai, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Cunning).

Day Ten

Sierra Strom, D2 Female

Sierra Strom, D2 Female

“Good morning, tributes!”

I sit up sharply, immediately recognizing the voice of the Head Gamemaker.

“The eleven of you are to be commended on making it this far. A feast is a proper reward for your persistence!”

A feast already? They must really be wanting to thin out the herd.

The Head Gamemaker starts to mention something about where the feast will be located, but it’s quickly drowned out by a sudden gurgling noise from one of the rooms with the giant water tanks. I rush over to the room just as the same gurgling noise sounds from the other three rooms.

Inside, my fears are confirmed. The cistern is draining, rapidly. I knew this would happen eventually, which is why I’ve kept a supply of bottled water handy. Still, though, it means I’ll have to leave my safe haven soon.

Helplessly, I watch the last of the water drain away. Where could it all be going?

Hannah Garringer, D5 Female

Hannah Garringer, D5 Female

“The feast, as always, will take place at the Cornucopia tomorrow.”

My alliance, gathered at the mouth of the Cornucopia, trades grins with each other.

“They’ll have to come straight to us!” says Alejandra with a grin.

While my alliance starts to make a game plan for tomorrow, I quietly sneak back towards my supplies that I’ve kept prepared for this very moment. There’s no way the Gamemakers are going to let our alliance last another day.

Danae is the first to notice I’m not part of the group. She glances over, and is about to say something when a horrible noise comes from the mouth of the Cornucopia. A second later, an endless column of water blasts out of the mouth of the golden horn, and my alliance is swept away into the tallgrass, screaming.

Horrified, I stand to chase after them, knowing that at least a couple of them can’t swim. Wind suddenly starts whipping at my hair, and I whirl around to see, shockingly, a tornado bearing down on me.

Self-preservation kicks in. I grab my backpack and my bow and start running, taking a long arc around the back end of the Cornucopia to avoid the torrent of water. Then I’m crashing through the tallgrass, looking back over my shoulder as the darkening sky and the looming tornado. It tears across the Cornucopia maybe thirty seconds after I’ve made my escape, sucking the torrent of water up into itself and becoming half-tornado, half-waterspout. The twister splits in half, one half veering off towards where my allies were swept off to. The other half doesn’t stop. It keeps coming for me.

Lydia Wright, D12 Female

Lydia Wright, D12 Female

As the sky darkens, I look across the plains to see a giant tornado carving a path across the tallgrass. Someone must’ve upset the Gamemakers.

I lick my cracked lips as I watch the twister, thinking about all the supplies that’ll be at the Cornucopia. Water. Food. Maybe a chance at a weapon other than this tiny knife.

I can’t help but feel hopeful now. I didn’t think I was going to make it this far. But now? Now that I’ve made it to the final 11? Now that so many tributes I feared have been sent back to their districts in wooden boxes? I actually stand a shot at making it out alive.

The sword stabs through me so perfectly that I don’t even notice it’s happened for a split second, until I glance down at the bloody metal erupting from my chest. Someone plants their hand on my shoulder and shoves, and the sword carves its way back out of my body. I stumble forward, and then fall to the ground, clutching at the blood that starts to cascade out of me.

Ryan Lilly, D6 Male

Ryan Lilly, D6 Male

The woman from 12 whimpers quietly on the ground as her life pours out of her. The distant roar of the tornado kept her from hearing me approach. As she dies, I look around for her supplies, only to realize that she has nothing left. Nothing but the knife she dropped when I impaled my katana through her chest.

I glance down at her just as her cannon fires. She dies looking up at me, shocked, mouth slightly ajar.

She had to have known it would end this way. She had to have known she was never going to win.

Ahmae Messersmith, D4 Female

Ahmae Messersmith, D4 Female

The cannon firing shocks me enough that I choke a bit on my last bottle of water, sending me into a fit of coughs. Ten left.

Shannon might have tried to finish me off with her poisoned food, but I’m still here. A bit weaker, sure, but still here and still alive and ready to fight tomorrow.

The tornado cut right across where the Cornucopia sits in the center of the arena. My guess is that the alliance that was hunkered down there is no more, and that the tornado must’ve killed off one of them. Maybe even injured the rest. If that’s the case, my odds just went way up.

A lot of tributes are going to die tomorrow. There’s no water anywhere in the arena. Everyone will be at the feast to restock their supplies. I’ll be ready.

Matt Vega, D7 Male

Matt Vega, D7 Male

Shivering, I slog through the mud as the tornado that was bearing down on me suddenly is sucked away into the air. The sky clears, and I look around, realizing that for the first time since I entered the arena, I’m alone and helpless. My allies are nowhere to be seen, and whatever supplies I had are back at the Cornucopia.

I didn’t see who else got blasted away by the water that erupted from the Cornucopia, but I know that Hannah wasn’t in our circle when it struck. She saw it coming. The Gamemakers finally splitting us up.

I know how it’s worked in the past. All alliances end after the feast. There’s no point in going back and trying to regroup. Hannah might be willing to, but I know the rest of them will see this as an opportunity to strike first and try to take me out.

I’ll have to go back tomorrow. Try to resupply and then strike out on my own in the arena. The alliance is dead, but I’m not. Not yet anyways.

If I’m going to die, it won’t be tomorrow.

Deceased Tribute

Lydia Wright, D12 Female

Lydia Wright, D12 Female


Strongest Tribute: Sierra Strom (D2 F)

Most Agile Tributes: Jai Ferrick (D4 M), Hannah Garringer (D5 F)

Most Cunning Tribute: Hannah Garringer (D5 F)

Most Charming Tributes: Sierra Strom (D2 F), Ahmae Messersmith (D4 F), Ryan Lilly (D6 M)

Strongest Overall Tribute: Hannah Garringer (D5 F)

Alliances have been nullified, and attribute scores have been altered due to today’s events. Please note the changes on the respective page.

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