May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Thirteen


The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Luke Vander Ploeg of District 4!

Luke Vander Ploeg, D4 Male

Luke Vander Ploeg, D4 Male


Congrats Luke, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Agility).

Day Thirteen

Amanda Gregornik, D11 Female

Amanda Gregornik, D11 Female

The women from my district have always been a mixed bag in the Games. Four years ago, the District 11 woman won her Games. Two years after that, the District 11 woman died first, less than five minutes after the Games even started.

I thought the woman from my district last year had a shot at winning, with her high training score of 10. But she died on the tenth day without even getting the chance to defend herself.

So many tributes over the years have had incredible talent and unmatched skills needed to succeed in the Games, and so many of them have fallen without even getting close to the end. The two women who got perfect training scores this year, dead!

And somehow, remarkably, I’m still here.

All of the District 11 women who entered the arena before me entered with higher training scores than me, even the one who died right away. Statistically, they all had a better shot at getting out alive. And all but one are dead.

Who knows? Maybe another District 11 woman will come home alive and well, and not in a coffin.

Jess Edelblut, D12 Female

Jess Edelblut, D12 Female

Every sound makes me flinch. Leaves rustling in the canopy. Twigs snapping under my feet.

Four tributes left.

The women from District 12 have almost never lasted long in the Games. We became used to watching them die within the first few days, helpless and frightened.

Then, two years ago, we finally got a contender. The woman from 12 made it past the first five days. Then the next five. Suddenly my district was paying attention to the Games, for once.

I remember watching her kill a tribute, something I had never seen a woman from my district do in any of the Games. I remember how hopeful it made me for her to come home the victor, to come home alive!

She died on the seventeenth day of the games, crushed by a giant falling rock when only four tributes were left.

Four tributes left. We’ve never gotten further.

I keep my eyes peeled for danger, for death. I will not come in fourth.

Luke Vander Ploeg, D4 Male

Luke Vander Ploeg, D4 Male

God has granted me a day of rest. She is most pleased with the offering of blood I presented to Her yesterday.

If only I could have offered Her more! If only I could have smashed Jess’s head in, found the other tributes hiding in the jungle and mauled them until their veins ran dry!

“In due time, my child,” She whispers in my ear, and I hold back tears as I grin. What compassion! What mercy She has bestowed unto me!

I will rest in her presence for now. And tomorrow, I will bring the lambs to the slaughter.


Kylie Marble, D10 Female

Kylie Marble, D10 Female

The light fades from the canopy, and settle back into the natural hovel I discovered in a thicket of bushes. No deaths today.

My real competition at this point are the tributes from 4 and 12, the ones who actually stand a chance at killing me. Amanda’s only real talent in the Games so far seems to be hiding. The Gamemakers will flush her out and force her to fight eventually, and I don’t see her winning against any of us.

As for the others? I wish I had stayed and watched them at the feast after I escaped. I know almost nothing about their capabilities, what weapons they’re using. I don’t even know if they’re still working together.

I fall asleep focusing on what I do know. That I can beat Amanda.

I can fear the unknown once she’s gone.



Strongest Tribute: Luke Vander Ploeg (D4 M)

Most Agile Tributes: Kylie Marble (D10 F) and Jess Edelblut (D12 F)

Most Cunning Tribute: Luke Vander Ploeg (D4 M)

Most Charming Tribute: Kylie Marble (D10 F)

Strongest Overall Tributes: Luke Vander Ploeg (D4 M) and Kylie Marble (D10 F)

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