May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Three


The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Josh Mendelson of District 9!

Josh Mendelson, D9 Male

Josh Mendelson, D9 Male

Congrats Josh, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Strength).

Day Three

a) Dylan Buotte, D1 Male

Dylan Buotte, D1 Male

The theme of this year’s arena must be extreme weather, judging from the constantly shifting climate. One minute it’s so hot that I’m considering stripping naked just to stay cool, and the next it’s so cold that my body starts aching from how much I’m shivering.

And now it’s raining. Hard.

I slick the wet hair back from my face and clamber to my feet, slogging through the tallgrass and mud over to my water-catching system, by which I mean my blanket stretched over a patch of grass I’ve sliced down with my katana, just enough to keep it out of the mud.

The blanket’s soaked. I pick it up and carefully wring out the water into a canteen before laying it back over the grass. As far as I know, this is the only source of water in the arena, and once the few water bottles I have run out, I’m going to have to rely solely on what I can collect.

I’ve wrung out the blanket three times now, and the canteen isn’t even halfway full. If I had some tarp and branches, maybe I could have put something more efficient together. But for now, this will have to do.

I crawl back into the tallgrass, positioning myself so the grass blocks most of the downpour. At least the rain’s heavy enough that tributes won’t be hunting today.

Five dead so far. One of them my district partner. I keep thinking about her, keep thinking about her eleven, the second-highest training score in the Games this year. She was a real contender, one with a strong alliance. And she didn’t even make it two full days.

There’s real danger in the arena this year. I hope I last.

Josh Mendelson, D9 Male

Josh Mendelson, D9 Male

Shoulder still aching from Shannon’s arrow attack, I sit up and stretch, feeling the rain pour over me as the water-resistant sleeping bag I’ve cocooned myself in droops from my neck down to my waist. I hate this goddamn weather.

I glance over to my right, and of course Ahmae is sitting in the rain twiddling around with one of our throwing axes, apparently not bothered at all by the monsoon that’s been falling from the sky all goddamn day. She’s odd. Not in a bad way, just in a “could have allied with Careers but chose the weakest tribute in the Games” way. Still, I’m not complaining, even if I still don’t understand her motives in keeping me around.

I reach into my backpack and grab a dry ration bar, crunching on it as I zip myself back into my sleeping bag. Once the rain stops, Ahmae’s gonna want us to move again. I’ll do whatever she says, as long as it keeps her sticking around.

Once she’s dead, I don’t feel like it’ll be long before I follow.

Eleanor Roth, D11 Female

Eleanor Roth, D11 Female

The air in the Cornucopia is thick and humid, with all of us having crammed ourselves inside to escape the downpour. I sit at the edge of the golden horn, on watch, my allies sleeping behind me.

He’s out there somewhere. Still alive. The thought fills me with simultaneous relief and rage.

We’d entered the Games together, and thankfully had managed to keep our relationship a secret. I doubt very few watching know that the District 11 tributes are actually a couple. I thought we’d break that secret on the first day of the Games, give the audience a duo to root for and sponsor. The duo from District 11! Killing in the name of love!

But Conner had turned his heel and ran in the opposite direction of the Cornucopia once the Games started. He didn’t even glance back at me, didn’t even make an effort to explain why he was running away.

The rain clatters against the Cornucopia, the incessant pattering echoing throughout the inside of the golden horn and resounding in my head.

He didn’t need to explain why he ran. I know why he ran.

If he was at my side, he would sacrifice himself in a heartbeat for me. Tell me to run as a pack of muttations closed in around him, fought bravely against a trio of Careers attacking the two of us. He would die for me at my side.

My heart twists in violent, angry knots.

He knows he would die for me. That’s why he ran. He ran so he wouldn’t be there to die for me. He ran because he wants to live.

Outside the Cornucopia, the tallgrass sways intensely in the windy downpour. He’s still alive out there, still waiting for me to die first.

I hate him.

I miss him.



Strongest Tributes: Sierra Strom (D2 F), Danae Brooks (D6 F), and Alejandra Guzman (D9 F)

Most Agile Tribute: Hannah Garringer (D5 F)

Most Cunning Tribute: Hannah Garringer (D5 F)

Most Charming Tribute: Ryan Lilly (D6 M)

Strongest Overall Tribute: Hannah Garringer (D5 F)

Attribute scores have been altered due to today’s events. Please note the changes on the respective page.

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