May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Twelve



The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Matt Vega of District 7!

Matt Vega, D7 Male

Matt Vega, D7 Male

Congrats Matt, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Strength).

Day Twelve

Matt Vega, D7 Male

Matt Vega, D7 Male

Dabbing at my nose with my now-bloody shirt, I drop to the ground in an exhausted heap. My nose hasn’t stopped bleeding since the woman from 4 broke it yesterday, and I’m woozy from the amount of blood I’ve been hemorrhaging. Glancing over my shoulder, I see the black cloud that’s been coming closer and closer, the same black cloud that spawned the muttations that killed Stephen and injured almost all of my former allies.

I really had thought I could bring some humanity to this place. Be a symbol for the audience to rally behind. The tribute who refused to kill. The tribute who resisted the pressure to compete. The tribute who persisted. I really thought I would strike a chord with viewers.

I’m such an idiot.

There’s only six of us left, and the Gamemakers are sending muttations after me to finish me off. It means I’m not resonating with viewers. It means that even though there are only six of us left, no one is rooting for me. No one.

I can hear the growls behind me. There’s more than one muttation in that cloud. This is an ultimatum.

I can either raise my bow and start fighting for myself, or I can stand down and die.

The growls intensify. They can smell me now. My hand twitches instinctively as I grip my bow. I raise it up.

And then drop it on the ground.

Screw this game.

I see the flash of fluorescent teeth, the last thing I see before the cloud of black envelops me.

Eleanor Roth, D11 Female

Eleanor Roth, D11 Female

I nearly leap out of my skin at the sound of the horrible, gut-wrenching screams that echo across the open plains. Someone’s being attacked. One of the men, by the sound of it.

The screams last for a long time, with equally horrifying growls and screeches from whatever’s sinking its teeth into the doomed tribute.

The screams die out after a while, but the cannon doesn’t fire for a good half hour.

Alejandra Guzman, D9 Female

Alejandra Guzman, D9 Female

The cannon firing drowns out the ringing in my ears for just a moment, but then it’s back. I clutch my head in my hands, doubled over and grinding my teeth in agony (Attribute Point Lost). My head hasn’t stopped throbbing from…from…

I don’t know. Used to know, I think. Someone did something. Hit me. Or maybe I fell? I don’t remember.

Concussion. The word swims around in my throbbing skull. Has to be a concussion.

I down more painkillers with a swig of water. They make the throbbing stop, for a while at least. But the ringing, the goddamn ringing…

I crawl further back into the belly of the Cornucopia, away from the sun, away from the light that seems to only intensify the ringing when it hits my eyes.

How many are left? Is it over? Have they just forgotten about me in here?

What if this never ends?

Deceased Tribute

Matt Vega, D7 Male

Matt Vega, D7 Male

Injured Tribute

Alejandra Guzman, D9 Female

Alejandra Guzman, D9 Female


Strongest Tribute: Sierra Strom (D2 F)

Most Agile Tribute: Jai Ferrick (D4 M)

Most Cunning Tribute: Jai Ferrick (D4 M)

Most Charming Tributes: Sierra Strom (D2 F), Ahmae Messersmith (D4 F)

Strongest Overall Tribute: Sierra Strom (D2 F)

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