May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor


As the tributes encounter the different creatures and machines the arena has to offer, they will be complied here in this bestiary.



Gearheads are a tribute’s worst nightmare. Designed to be totally emotionless killers, Gearheads are spawned whenever a tribute spends more than 12 hours in the same room. You might know this, but the tributes don’t. And once a red line appears at their feet, it’s already too late. In testing, no volunteers were able to shut down or take out a Gearhead. Will any tributes be the first? Or will they meet swift ends in the cold, heartless grip of a Gearhead’s hand?

Rage Dust

Rage Dust

Rage Dust is not a dust at all, but rather a cloud of microscopic nanites that attack the victim’s brain, leaving them in a semi-permanent stage of aggression and rage. They will aggressively attack anything that they come across, with no regard for self-preservation. The nanites then burn out after 24 hours, returning the victim to a healthy, if not scarred, state of mind.

If a tribute with bloodshot eyes and a throaty scream is coming towards you, prepare yourself for a fight.




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