May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor


As the tributes encounter the Capitol’s pets in the Games, a description of each muttation will be posted here.

The Wisp

There’s someone in the mist. But who is she? A fallen tribute from years past? A wandering forest spirit? Whoever, or whatever, she is, you must avoid inhaling her misty tendrils, especially if you are among the weaker tributes in the Games. When she calls your name, do not respond. When she reaches out to touch you, dodge her embrace. When she beckons you to follow, do not approach her. Run. Once you breathe her in, you belong to her. And you will do anything she commands you to. Anything.



BurrowersThe jungle used to be full of life before they came along. Burrowers are the fiercely territorial giant centipedes that reside under the soft soil found near the water sources in the jungle. Tributes will be in the fight of their lives if they wander into Burrower territory, especially if the Burrowers smell fresh blood. Extremely agile and quick to react, these genetically modified bugs are very, very difficult to kill. The best way to survive an encounter with a Burrower? A hasty retreat away from the water that it guards. But every tribute needs to drink eventually…



333fcc6eec020599266f2c342a808a97A Lacerator isn’t your average spider. While most spiders prefer to make a web and wait for their prey, Lacerators prefer to go hunting for it. They don’t get their name from their horrible fangs, though tributes should try their best to avoid the Lacerator’s ferocious bite. No, the Lacerator gets its name from the corrosive silk it produces, which can burn through clothing, flesh, and bone. Get too comfortable in the arena, and a Lacerator might make a meal out of you.


SwarmersThey’re hungry. Swarmers are the result of genetic modification on pill bugs. Normally chewing on decomposing vegetation, these bugs are driven by an instinctual hunger to destroy any edible supplies that they come across in the arena, as well as any tributes too foolish to relinquish said supplies to them. The Swarm cannot be stopped, and will not stop. Their endless hunger drives them to feed, and their monstrous jaws do the job efficiently, if not painfully for the tributes that stand in their way.