May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor


As the tributes encounter the Capitol’s pets in the Games, a description of each muttation will be posted here.


RatsThere’s nothing special about the swarm of rats that live in the tunnels under the arena. They aren’t genetically modified to have sharper teeth, or better vision, or even to be bigger in size. No, the Capitol has left these rats completely untouched and without mutation. They’re just hungry. Very, very hungry.




Gnashers are predatory beasts genetically engineered by Gamemakers with one purpose: hunt down and kill tributes. Due to their severe sensitivity to light, these creatures can only hunt in total darkness. Their presence is always announced by the looming cloud of black fog in which they reside and hunt. Strangely, they are completely unhindered by their glowing fangs, which they use with brutal efficiency to slaughter any tribute foolish enough to enter the fog. If you wake up in the dark and see a glowing light in the distance, don’t go towards it. Run.