May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Night 10


Tonight’s lucky winner is…Sarah of District 11!

Sarah Harrist, D11 Female

Sarah Harrist, D11 Female

Congrats Sarah, your training score is now 9!

Night 10

Grace Walter, D1 Female

Grace Walter, D1 Female

It turns out that the Shade that attacked Dan this morning wasn’t the only one in the arena. Kate spotted two of them heading towards us just as the sun was dipping below the horizon. We moved inside the shadow-cloaked Cornucopia for the night, grabbing as many supplies as we could before the Shades were on us.

I was the last one to get into the golden horn, foolishly stepping outside to grab another canteen of water. They almost got me; I was barely able to jump back into the shadow of the Cornucopia made by the moon, rolling my ankle in the process (Training Point Lost). The Shades moved up and stood right at the border of the shadow, watching and waiting for me to slip up. I was safe. At least until morning, when my shadow of safety would disappear.

For about an hour or two, it was just them and me. One of them was clearly the shadow of a man, tall and slender. The other was that of a little girl. Curly hair, petite size. The shadow of a child. Kate and Amber called out from time to time to ask how I was doing. Not that they could help. The Shades watched me silently for the entire time, slowly inching forward as the moon rose above me and my shadow of safety retreated. We waited, them afraid of stepping into the dark, and me afraid of stepping into the light.

I got my lucky break after about two hours, just as the shadow was getting so small that I had to press up against the Cornucopia in order to stay inside it. A stray cloud slowly moved through the sky. The Shades noticed it about the same time I did, and began to shift about, looking nervous. As nervous as a shadow can look, anyways. The cloud slowly but surely began to cover the full moon. Soon it was the Shades, and not me, who were desperately struggling to stay in a zone of safety. The cloud gave me the opportunity I needed to get back to the horn, which I took immediately.

I stood outside of the entrance to watch the Shades die. All that was left of the moon’s light was a small sliver on the ground. The Shades stood in this spotlight, inching back as their safe zone was slowly swallowed up by the dark. The Shade child, I swear, looked right at me the second before the sliver closed and she and the other Shade were swallowed up. She screamed, in an unsettling array of simultaneous pitches, and then she was gone.

The cloud passed, revealing that the Shades were indeed destroyed. But an hour later, just as I was about to fall asleep, a scream echoed across the arena before being stifled by cannon fire. I couldn’t tell who the screamer was, but I’m positive it was a tribute. And I’m just as positive that there are more Shades out there, and that one of them is now wearing someone’s skin.

Dead Tribute:


Injured Tribute:

Grace Walter, D1 Female

Grace Walter, D1 Female

The deceased tribute will be revealed tomorrow, since the kill happened in the early morning of Day 11! Continue to vote for your favorite tribute, and hope for the best tomorrow!

(Clarification: A tribute will still die on Tuesday.)


Kill Count:

Dan Mcbride, D1 Male: 1 (Alex Dooley: D12 Male)

Taylor Pride, D2 Male: 1 (Kailyn Love: D8 Female)

Hannah Cruz, D3 Female: 2 (Peyton Finley: D6 Male, Abby Long: D7 Female)

Kate Henson, D4 Female: 2 (Justin McCoy: D8 Male, Rene Cruz: D3 Male)

Chris Thompson, D4 Male: 2 (Lindsey Emery: D9 Female, Johnny Edman: D5 Male)

Clement Bilhorn, D11 Male: 1 (Chris Thompson: D4 Male)


Careers (Grace Walter: D1 Female, Amber Washington: D2 Female, Kate Henson: D4 Female)

The Deserter’s Alliance: (Maureen Lynch: D5 Female, Eliana Schulze: D10 Female)

Sponsorship is now open!


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