May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Tribute Funds

As tributes receive donations or spend their own money, the total amount in their fund will be posted here. Remember, all money sent will go in a pot for the eventual winner!

Information on how to add to a tribute’s fund can be found here.

Michal Gliszewski, D1 Male ($0)

Carley Minix, D1 Female ($0)

Andrew Strom, D2 Male ($0)

Savanna Crosby, D2 Female ($0)

Stefan Koltz, D3 Male ($0)

Emily Paddon, D3 Female ($0)

Bobby Durrant, D4 Male ($0)

Ally Walker, D4 Female ($0)

Cole Dennis, D5 Male ($0)

Sarena Foster, D5 Female ($0)

Carmine Finelli, D6 Male ($0)

Ily Rivera, D6 Female ($0)

Jake Freitag, D7 Male ($0)

Liz Shimoura, D7 Female ($10, $10 spent)

Joshua Miller, D8 Male ($0)

Katie Dunn-Rankin, D8 Female ($0)

Nicholas Siciliano, D9 Male ($0)

Christie Moyle, D9 Female ($0)

Tyler Ellsworth, D10 Male ($0, $15 spent)

Grace Oxford, D10 Female ($0)

Joe Scott, D11 Male ($0)

Pam Scott, D11 Female ($0)

Lee Wade, D12 Male ($0, $5 spent)

Alyx Rice, D12 Female ($0)

Hannah Cruz, D3 Ghost ($0, $10 spent)

Luke Vander Ploeg, D4 Ghost ($0)

Amanda Liu, D11 Ghost ($5)