May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day 12


Today’s winner is…Allison of District 9!

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female

Congrats Allison, your training score is now 2!


The following tributes lose a training point due to poison:

Ben Capobianco, District 11 Male

Ben Capobianco, District 11 Male

Training score drops to 9.

Day 12

Steven Dodson, District 2 Male

Steven Dodson, District 2 Male

Eleven left.

Being totally honest, I fully expected to make it past the halfway point. I’m the strongest tribute in the Games, after all. And I expected Kelly to make it too, but not as much as myself. Yeah, she’s great with a meteor hammer and all, but she’s the only Career left who hasn’t gotten a kill. Shameful. She’s only useful to me because of the poison rule.

The tributes from 1 are gone, which I fully expected. The boy was soft, the girl has a low score for a Career, and I haven’t missed them one bit.

The tributes from 4, on the other hand, confuse me to no end. Both got kills on the first day, something Kelly wasn’t able to do, but both have low training scores for Careers. If I had to put money on which one is more dangerous, I’d guess Marie. She’s always practicing with her bow, despite her chest injury she received a few days back. Cracked rib, most likely. Regardless, she’s a beast with her arrows. She never misses what she shoots at.

The boy from 4 shouldn’t be overlooked either. He’s got his knives; he’s a good throw at mid-range and deadly at short range.

The feast will be happening soon, and when it does, all alliances will most likely fall apart. I might kill Kelly right at the beginning. Then kill someone else and take care of the poison. Haven’t really decided yet. And I’m not sure what Avery will do if I attack my partner. But one thing’s for sure; the tributes from 4 cannot live. They will fall under the cold steel of my katana.

Matt LeGrande, District 6 Male

Matt LeGrande, District 6 Male

It should be happening soon.

I slump against the wall, thoroughly exhausted. Something, probably a muttation, is prowling through the hallways. The lights kept going out, and it kept chasing me until I ducked into this room. Now I’m just waiting for it to happen.

I need Cyle to die. It goes against everything I was raised to believe, but she has to die. Everyone here has to, if I want to go home. I came into the Games thinking that I could just sit back and let everyone kill each other, and emerge as victor without a single kill. But then the poison was introduced, and now I have to kill someone. It’s all just going too slow. I can’t stand Cyle, but I couldn’t possibly kill her in person. So now I’m just waiting for it to happen.

I gave the command. It’s all on Peyton now.

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female


I spring out of my sleep in fright.

“What? What? What? What is it?!”

“You are in danger.”

I whirl to face Peyton, who stands to my right, stoic as usual. I grab his hand.

“What is it, Peyton? Tributes?”

“I am sorry, I cannot reveal that information.”

“Peyton, what is it? Whatever it is, you have to protect me!”

I grab Peyton and hold him tightly. He wouldn’t let anything happen to me. He loves me.

“Cyle I…I…”

Sparks shoot out of Peyton’s ears. His hands lift and grab my shoulders.


I’m shoved away violently by Peyton just as he explodes, stray shards of metal and machinery slicing into me (Training Point Lost).

My ears are ringing, eyes filled with white spots, I’m dizzy, Peyton, oh God it hurts oh Peyton no no no…

I get to my feet, stumbling over to the scorched stone floor where Peyton and I were just embracing.

He’s dead. Peyton’s dead. He’s always been dead.

I fall to my knees, tears welling up in my eyes, and let out a hollow, throaty cry.

Deceased Tribute

None, Peyton Finley (District 6 Mannequin) destroyed.

Injured Tribute

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female

Cyle Cucinotta, District 6 Female

Current Training Scores

12: Steven (D2)

11: Victoria (D10)

10: Kelly (D2)

9: Ben (D11)

8: Justin (D4), Marie (D4)

7: Jeremiah (D7)

5: Matt (D6), Cyle (D6)

3: Joey (D5)

2: Allison (D9)

Score Stats

Highest Training Score: 12

Lowest Training Score: 2

Average Training Score: 7.3

Strongest Teams: District 2, District 10

Weakest Team: District 9

Kill Records

Steven Dodson, District 2 Male: One kill (Jonah White: District 8 Male)

Justin Massey, District 4 Male: One kill (Alexandra Browne: District 3 Female)

Marie Morton, District 4 Female: One kill (Sara Kohler: District 8 Female)

Joey McKenna, District 5 Male: One kill (Mariel Beausejour, District 11 Female)

Chelsea Sanderson, District 5 Female: One kill (Irving Ruiz: District 9 Male)

Jeremiah Brown, District 7 Male: One kill (Garrett Gaunch: District 10 Male)

Allison Woodfin, District 9 Female: Two kills (Drew Chambers: District 3 Male, Michael Evans: District 1 Female)

Victoria Paul, District 10 Female: One kill (Andrew Sedlacek: District 1 Male)

Ian Smith, District 12 Male: One kill (Morgan Kinsinger: District 12 Female)

Poisoned Tributes

Ben Capobianco, District 10 Male


Avery LaPan, assisting District 2

Abby Long, assisting District 7

Preston Howell, assisting District 10



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