May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Eleven


Today’s winner is…Kayla Roberson of District 12!

Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

Congrats, Kayla, your training score is now 9!


Day Eleven

Joseph Quiggle, District 1 Male

Joseph Quiggle, District 1 Male

It’s dangerous to even think this, but I can’t help it. The Games haven’t been that difficult so far.

Sure, my alliance betrayed me and left me for dead, but even that was quickly remedied by finding a discarded pack of food and water. No injuries, no run-ins with muttations. Things are going well.

Now I’m just waiting around until the Gamemakers announce the feast. That’s when the Games will really begin.

I wonder how they’ll force us all together. Maybe they’ll fly all the sky islands over the Cornucopia and flip them so we’re all forced together.

Or maybe they’ll unleash a swarm of muttations to hard us into a fight.

Regardless, the feast will have something that’s worth fighting over. It won’t be food, since we’ve all got at least five days of food left in our packs. And that’s with generous rations. As far as water goes, there are plenty of sources all around the arena.

It might be weapons. Some tributes might not have gotten their first choice in the mad rush during the bloodbath. Everyone’s got a knife, but some people, myself included, are more comfortable with other weapons.

Whatever it is, I’ll be going. The only thing I really need is to see Jen and the rest of her alliance dead.


Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

Kayla Roberson, District 12 Female

A gurgling noise causes me to look up from my lunch of nutrient paste. Seriously, why are there so many noises on this sky island? I’m just glad it isn’t more vine monsters. Burning down the forest seemed to take care of that.

The noise comes from the  small lake in the center of the island. I stand and load an arrow into my bow, aiming it at the bubbling center of the lake, where the gurgling seems to be coming from.

For a while, nothing happens. I’m half-expecting some horrible monster to leap out of the water, so I keep my bow leveled and ready.

Only then do I have the good sense to look down, and what I see causes me to drop my bow immediately and run to my pack for an empty bottle.

The lake is draining.

The Gamemakers must be able to control how fast the lake drains, because I’m only able to fill the bottle halfway before the last of it is absorbed away into the ground.

Groaning in frustration, I stomp over to my pack and drop an iodine tablet into the half-full bottle. There’s no way this is gonna last me until the end of the Games.

I already know what the Gamemakers are trying to do. If I had to wager a guess, the only source of water that didn’t get drained is the huge lake on the mainland. Right next to the Cornucopia.

They’re herding us like cattle, and they want a slaughter. Well if that’s what it takes to live, then they’ll get one.


Dr. Tiffany Kriner, District 2 Female

Dr. Tiffany Kriner, District 2 Female

My district partner steps swiftly through the forest path. His crossbow loaded but pointed to the ground, he’s totally unaware that I’m watching him. The fool’s been hunting for me ever since I attacked him three days ago.

It’s his funeral.

I have to prove myself, now. All three girls from District 2 in the past three years of Games have made it past the feast, which is bound to happen soon. Some might call it coincidence, I call it precedent.

I pull out a knife, my last knife.

Time to make it count.

I leap out of the trees and launch my knife at Josh with a shrill battle cry.


Josh Ryken, District 2 Male

Josh Ryken, District 2 Male

I knew she was there.

At the sound of Dr. Kriner’s scream, I whirl around and launch off an arrow, just as a knife is released from her hand.

Both make impact in their targets with simultaneous and sickening thuds.

I groan in pain and quickly yank the thrown weapon out of my arm (Training Point Lost). Yet another knife wound from Dr. Kriner.

Thankfully, it’ll be the last. My old ally tips back on her heels before crumpling to the ground, an arrow lodged deep in her skull. Her cannon fires a second after her body comes to a rest, draped over an exposed tree root. Behind her broken glasses, her eyes, slightly crossed, look to where the arrow made impact. Her mouth sits slightly open, as if her corpse is shocked at having been brought down so easily.
The last of the professors is dead. Good riddance.


Dr. Tiffany Kriner, District 2 Female

Dr. Tiffany Kriner, District 2 Female


Life does not flash before my

Eyes, no, all is still.


Deceased Tribute

Dr. Tiffany Kriner, District 2 Female

Dr. Tiffany Kriner, District 2 Female

Injured Tribute

Josh Ryken, District 2 Male

Josh Ryken, District 2 Male


Current Training Scores

District 1: Jennifer Fu (10) and Joseph Quiggle (11)

District 2: Josh Ryken (8)

District 4: Abigail Black (12) and Edwin Chung (8)

District 6: Kasey Send (5)

District 9: Christie Taylor (6) and Joseph Abdelmelek (8)

District 10: Ellen Egerton (9)

District 12: Kayla Roberson (9) and Andrew Wang (6)


Strongest Tribute: District 4’s Abigail Black

Weakest Tribute: District 5’s Kasey Send

Average Training Score: 8.36

Median Training Score: 8

Score Most Tributes Have: 8


Kill Streak

District 1’s Joseph Quiggle: One kill (District 5’s Maurice Bokanga)

District 2’s Josh Ryken: Two kills (District 2’s Dr. Tiffany Kriner, District 8’s Abe Nakamura)

District 3’s Katherine Braden: One kill (District 11’s Nico Lasta)

District 4’s Edwin Chung: Two kills (District 3’s Dr. Matthew Milliner and Katherine Braden)

District 9’s Joseph Abdelmelek: One kill (District 5’s Dr. Beth Jones)

District 9’s Christie Taylor: One kill (District 10’s David Nitchman)

District 10’s Ellen Egerton: Two kills (District 6’s Zackary Smiley, District 7’s Ben Weidemann)



The Terrible Three (District 1’s Jennifer Fu, District 4’s Edwin Chung, and District 12’s Andrew Wang)


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