May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Three


The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Dr. Alison Gibson of District 7!

Dr. Alison Gibson, District 7 Female

Congrats, Alison, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Strength).

Day Three

Kelly Farley, District 5 Female

Kelly Farley, District 5 Female

“What about food and water near other tributes? Can you show us that?”

Chris from 6 and I wait as the screen we’re talking to processes my question. We’re trying to find tributes, and exploiting the screen for information on their whereabouts isn’t producing results.

“I cannot reveal that information, as it might endanger tributes.”

“What about hallways or rooms with heavy traffic?” asks Chris.

“I cannot reveal that information, as it might endanger tributes.”

“Well then what can you tell us?” I spit out in frustration.

A blue line appears on the ground.

“Follow this line to find some water,” the screen says. “It might help you cool off.”

Chris starts laughing after a moment of silence.

“Did the screen just diss you?”

I shove him. “Shut up.”

Chris keeps laughing.

“Thanks for your help,” he says to the screen. “You can shut off now.”

“Happy hunting, Chris,” the screen says, before powering down and flipping back into the wall.

I stalk off, fingers clenched around my spear.

“Where are we going?” Chris calls out from behind me as he runs to catch up.

I don’t answer, mainly because he’ll start laughing again if I tell him we’re heading to the water. I’m thirsty.


Alex Dooley, District 3 Male

Alex Dooley, District 3 Male

“Well I’m not going.”

Shalom crosses her arms, her bow clinking against the quiver of arrows on her back.

“Someone has to,” says Joey. “It might be a sponsor gift.”

Joselyn and I look at each other warily, and then back down the hallway at the silver pod sitting on the floor about twenty feet away from us. The lights in the ceiling reflect off of the pod’s metallic surface.

“What could be in there?” I ask aloud.

“Maybe some special weapons,” responds Joey.

“Or a muttation,” Joselyn retorts.

“If it were a mutt, it would have attacked us by now,” says Joey. “We’re close enough to it. And besides, the only mutt we’ve seen so far is a robot. I doubt there’s any animal muttations on here. The only things that can kill us in here are andriods and other tributes.”

He steps forward, slingshot in hand.

“I’ll go.”

The three of us hang back as Joey approaches the pod, confidently at first. His steps start to slow as he gets closer to the pod though, I can sense him starting to doubt his own thoughts.

Finally, he stops right in front of the pod. He reaches out to touch it with big toe.

Something whirrs in the pod, and Joey takes a giant leap back as the top of the pod opens like a flower’s petals. Nothing happens.

Joey looks back at us with a cocky grin, and then moves forward again to look inside of the pod.

His head is right over the pod just as it belches out a cloud of white smoke, obscuring Joey from our vision, but not dampening his scream.


Joey McKenna, District 1 Male

Joey McKenna, District 1 Male

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” I think as I breathe in the smoke around me. “Just got scared, I’m fine.”

And then, all of a sudden, I’m not fine.


Shalom Parker, District 12 Female

Shalom Parker, District 12 Female

“Joey? You okay?” I ask

The three of us have pulled out our weapons, taking a few cautious steps back from the white smoke, which seems to be moving up into the ventilation shaft in the hallway, most likely called back by the Gamemakers. Joey’s still obscured though; the cloud is thick.

Something flies out of the smoke and strikes off the wall next to me, its trajectory sending it slamming into my right temple (Attribute Point Lost). I cry out in pain, clutching my head.

From inside the smoke, Joey screams. Joselyn lifts her broadsword while Alex loads his own slingshot, pointing it down towards the now-thinning cloud. Another silvery metal ball shoots out of the cloud, this time striking Joselyn in the forehead (Attribute Point Lost). She stumbles backwards, cursing and screaming.

A still-screaming Joey steps out of the cloud, eyes blood-red and wide open. He fires his slingshot again, this time at Alex, who manages to dodge and fire a metal ball of his own. It strikes Joey in his right eye, sending him stumbling backwards. He bumps into the pod and stumbles forward, towards the three of us.

I’m struggling to load an arrow into my bow, head spinning and ears ringing, when Joselyn steps forward and swiftly beheads Joey with her sword. Only then does he finally stop screaming. His cannon fires after a short moment.

Joselyn Broadway, District 1 Female

Joselyn Broadway, District 1 Female

I drop my bloodied sword, clutching my head as a wave of pain rips through it. Joey’s head bumps against my boot-less feet, and I moan and kick it away reflexively. I turn and stumble towards Alex, and then promptly fall to the ground and curl up in a ball. My head…


Joseph Quiggle, District 2 Male

The girl from 6 whips around the corner as I give chase, the arrow wound I’ve given her leaving a trail of blood on the floor (Attribute Point Lost). She might not be a strong fighter, but she’s fast.

I shot her while she was talking to a screen, asking about an android or something. Apparently she got the answer she was looking for, because she was shutting down the screen when she noticed me and started to run. My arrow hit her in the arm; I should have shot sooner.

I round the corner and find that the blood trail has completely cut off. She must have tied off the would with her sleeve. I slow my sprint to a light jog, and then to a light walk as I realize I’ve lost her. Damn.

Frustrated, I turn on my heel and head for a screen, so I can find my allies again. If that cannon that fired a while ago was one of theirs, at least they’re having better luck than me.

Christopher Bae, District 10 Male

Christopher Bae, District 10 Male

I run for my life, weaponless, clutching the wound in my shoulder (Attribute Point Lost) as Kei chases me.

We were looking for supplies when I heard him scream. And when I rounded the corner, he was running out of a white cloud, slashing at me with his knife, eyes bloodshot and mouth open in an endless scream.

“Jordan! Jordan, help!” I cry out, my pleas for help drowned out by Kei’s guttural scream.

I can’t run any more. Whatever was in that cloud has turned Kei into a madman, and he seems to have endless amounts of stamina. He gets closer and closer every time I look back, and the screaming never seems to stop.

I round a corner and nearly impale myself on Jordan’s spear.

“Jordan! Thank God!”

“What the-” is all he manages to get out before Kei rounds the corner and launches his knife at me. I see it just in time and duck. The knife finds a new target, Jordan, and slams into his chest (Attribute Point Lost).

Letting out a pained grunt, he falls to his knees, his spear rolling to the ground between Kei and me.

Kei launches himself at the spear, screaming.

But I move faster.

It all happens quickly. So quickly that the next thing I know, Kei’s stopped screaming and a spear is lodged into his skull. A cannon fires.

Behind me, Jordan moans. “What…happened?”

I let go of the spear handle, turning away from my first, and hopefully last, kill.

“I don’t know. I…he went crazy.”

Jordan inspects the wound on his chest, touching it gingerly.

I let out a sigh. “I think we all are.”


Deceased Tributes

Joey McKenna, District 1 Male

Kei Takazawa, District 5 Male

Injured Tributes

Joselyn Broadway, District 1 Female

Katherine Braden, District 6 Female

Christopher Bae, District 10 Male

Jordan Strong, District 11 Male

Shalom Parker, District 12 Female


Strongest Tributes: Joselyn Broadway (D1 Female), Chris Prescher (D6 Male), Dr. Christina Bieber-Lake (D9 Female)

Most Agile Tributes: Chris Prescher (D6 Male), Jordan Snyder (D7 Male), and Drew Chambers (D9 Male)

Most Cunning Tribute: Sarah Kenny (D4 Female)

Most Charming Tributes: Jackie Fortier (D2 Female), Dr. Alison Gibson (D7 Female), Cyle Cucinotta (D11 Female)

Strongest Overall Tribute: Dr Christina Bieber-Lake (D9 Female)

Alliances and attribute scores have been altered due to today’s events. Please note the changes on their respective pages.

The benchmark for Day 4 has been posted on the home page!


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