May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor


A few facts that you should know:


  • All tributes participating in the Games volunteered to do so, and were made fully aware of what this project would entail.
  • In terms of ethics, I am not writing this for the sole purpose of killing my friends. This is, and has been from the beginning, a project to bring an international community together through reading about and voting for their friends, focusing on the human spirit and survival rather than glorification of violence. If you disagree, I would encourage you not to participate, but also to let those who do not have a problem with it choose what they want to do.
  • No actual reenactments are taking place, so safety is not/should not be a concern.
  • I am not making any money through this project. The grand prize is coming from my pocket. Any money spent by tributes in the Games will be used to cover the costs of the grand prize, and any money sent in if and when the prize is crowdfunded will be added to the pot.
  • Obviously, the Hunger Games series is the intellectual property of Suzanne Collins. I did not originate the Hunger Games, nor do I claim any credit for the source material upon which my project is based.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to



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