May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day 8


Today’s lucky winner is…Hannah of District 3!

Hannah Cruz, D3 Female

Hannah Cruz, D3 Female

Congrats Hannah, your training score is now 12!


Day 8

Micah Scaling, D7 Male

Micah Scaling, D7 Male

It’s been 4 days since I’ve seen any tributes. It’s time to leave. I pack up my things and head down the stairs of my skyscraper, being careful to step around weak points in the floor. I’m not going to get caught sitting pretty in a skyscraper that could collapse with the push of a button. If I have to walk around the city and hunt for a while, then so be it.

I reach the bottom floor and walk outside cautiously, bow at the ready. The trunk of my car still sits open, but my efforts to lure tributes into a firing range from my skyscraper have been futile ever since the boy from 2 died. No one has come to my side of the arena, and I don’t know why. I’m sure the Careers, what’s left of them anyways, are still at the Cornucopia. Everyone else must be hiding out.

From what I saw on the first day, the city has three main streets, each starting at the Cornucopia. The middle street was the biggest, and most tributes ran down that one. A few ran down the left street. I was the last to leave the Cornucopia, hanging back to watch the fight between the boys from 5 and 12 against the Careers. I was the only one to go down the right street. In-between the skyscrapers bordering the middle street are small alleyways connecting to the right and, I’d assume, the left streets. Behind the Cornucopia is desolation, an open wasteland with no cover. No one ran that way.

I trek down the street, looking in buildings in different states of destruction. The girl from 6, the one I shot 4 days ago, might still be here. Hiding out. It’s a long shot, but maybe she knows the other streets are more dangerous than mine.

I watched everyone during training, watched Abby get her girl group together, watched the Cruzes get their group together. The Cruz brother is dead, as well as two of the girls who teamed up with Abby. Teaming up won’t keep me alive; it certainly didn’t help them! In the end, we’re all dying. All except one. And allying with other tributes who are trying to be that “one” won’t save us. Only we can save ourselves.

Adam Corbin, D9 Male

Adam Corbin, D9 Male

A thump on the roof of the SUV I’m sleeping in wakes me up with a start. I reach quickly for the broadsword on the dashboard before turning to look out the window. The girl from 6 is sitting on the ground, staring wide-eyed at the roof of my SUV. She makes eye contact with me and shakes her head quickly yet with restraint, as if she were trying not to startle something.

“Don’t,” she mouths to me.

I ignore her, and open the back door of my SUV just as a black crow lands next to the shaking girl. A horrible multitude of cries comes from somewhere above me.

Dan McBride, D1 Male

Dan McBride, D1 Male

Chris died yesterday. Good. Surprising, but good. Us Careers have convened together once again, to discuss where our alliance is going. Kate, who has become the de facto leader of our group, heads off the discussion.

“First off, does anyone else want out of the alliance?”

Grace and I laugh, while Amber smiles but stays silent.

“Good,” says Kate. “Now secondly, I think it should be set in stone what’s going to happen to this alliance over the next few days.”

She pauses before continuing.

“We’ll stick together and hunt until the feast. At the feast, it’s every man for himself. We won’t hunt each other, but we won’t protect each other either. And after the feast, we each go for the win.”

Amber nods. “Sounds good to me.”

Grace nods as well, though she doesn’t do well in hiding the nervousness in his face.

“Yep, works for me too,” I say.

Kate nods grimly, and then stands up.

“I’m going hunting,” she says. “Who wants to come?”

No one gets a chance to respond before the cannon fires.

Allison Frankfother, D6 Female

Allison Frankfother, D6 Female

I run through an alleyway, swinging my axe at the few crows that still swarm around me. I manage to slice one in half; the three remaining crows pull back and return to the flock back at the car. I hadn’t been paying attention; I’d just wandered right up to where they were nesting. They’d apparently sniffed the boy from 9 out as he slept in the car. I couldn’t retreat once they had their eyes on me, so I just slowly sat down and prayed that they wouldn’t attack me. That’s when the boy had woken up.

I tried to warn him. I tried to tell him. The second he opened that SUV door, all the crows that were nesting on and around the car  had swarmed up and flown straight into the open door. The boy didn’t have a chance. I’d gotten up to run just as a few of the birds had converged on me, pecking and biting at my face (Training Point Lost). I only looked back once, and all I saw was a swarm of black in the car, and blood on the front door window. The cannon sounded about a minute ago.

Poor boy. He must be nothing but scraps now.

Dead Tribute:

Adam Corbin, D9 Male

Adam Corbin, D9 Male

Injured Tribute:

Allison Frankfother, D6 Female

Allison Frankfother, D6 Female


Kill Count:

Dan Mcbride, D1 Male: 1 (Alex Dooley: D12 Male)

Taylor Pride, D2 Male: 1 (Kailyn Love: D8 Female)

Hannah Cruz, D3 Female: 1 (Peyton Finley: D6 Male)

Kate Henson, D4 Female: 2 (Justin McCoy: D8 Male, Rene Cruz: D3 Male)

Chris Thompson, D4 Male: 2 (Lindsey Emery: D9 Female, Johnny Edman: D5 Male)

Clement Bilhorn, D11 Male: 1 (Chris Thompson: D4 Male)


Careers (Grace Walter and Dan McBride: D1 Tributes, Amber Washington: D2 Female, Kate Henson: D4 Female)

Abby’s Alliance: (Abby Long: D7 Female, Sarah Harrist: D11 Female)

The Deserter’s Alliance: (Maureen Lynch: D5 Female, Eliana Schulze: D10 Female)

Sponsorship is now open! Be sure to vote for your favorite, and to choose a new favorite if your tribute died today!


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