May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor


These are the monsters and creatures that this year’s tributes will have to face in the sky island arena…


Just an ordinary forest, right?


Somewhere in this picture is a plant that lives only to kill. Some have several vines, others just one. Don’t be fooled though; each variation is just as deadly as the other.

The only warning you’ll get is when the vines shake in anticipation of a fresh kill. When they strike, the chokers will not let go until whatever they’ve grabbed has stopped breathing. Fight, struggle, scream while you can. It might be smarter to save your breath and hope that someone finds you before you breathe your last.

Somewhere in this picture is a choker. Can you find it before it finds you?




Don’t go swimming alone. Gnaw-eels are the result of eel DNA being spliced with that of a mouse. Highly territorial, the terrifying hand-sized creatures hunt in packs, bringing down their prey in mere seconds with their razor-sharp teeth. The blood drawn from whatever wounds a gnaw-eel inflicts only serves to bring more gnaw-eels racing to the source.

One gnaw-eel is a nuisance. Three might leave you scarred. Five will flay you alive.


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