May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Day Eight


The winner of today’s sponsorship vote is…Jackie Fortier of District 2!

Jackie Fortier, District 2 Female

Congrats, Jackie, you get a free attribute point added to your lowest attribute (Agility).

Day Eight

Jordan Snyder, District 7 Male

Jordan Snyder, District 7 Male

Another eventless day in the Games.

I’ve been hunting pretty much non-stop since yesterday, and I haven’t come across any tributes at all. Either they’re good at hiding, or I’m just not that great of a hunter.

As I roam through the hallways, floating heads of the remaining tributes all float through my mind.

The first that come to mind are my would-be allies: Drew and Dr. Bieber from 9, Chris from 6, Kelly from 5, and Sarah from 4. The group consists of the strongest tributes in the Games, and if they’re sticking together, a head-on assault would probably end with me bleeding out on the ground. Hopefully they’ll go for each other’s throats before they do mine.

Dr. Gibson from my district is still alive too, and judging from what I saw in training, she’ll be carting around the girl from 6, and maybe the girl from 11 and the boy from 4 too. I initially thought of allying with her, but as soon as I saw the nurturing way she treated the other tributes in training, I thought against it. The Hunger Games needs a victor, not a mother figure.

The boy from 11’s probably on his own now, unless he joined up with someone else after he killed his ally. That’s just a guess. I assume it was him, from what I saw in the hallway when I came across the boy from 10’s body.

The Career alliance is pretty much dead, with just the girl from 1 and the boy from 3 left. I’d even wager a guess that they won’t make it to the final 8.

And then there’s the girl from 2 and the girl from 10. They’re anomalies; I don’t know anything about them or their abilities, besides their above-average training scores. They might be working together, since I did see them wandering around in training together. But I really don’t know.

I wish people would split up and wander a bit more. Maybe then I could find them.


Kelly Farley, District 5 Female

Kelly Farley, District 5 Female

The others are out hunting; it’s just Drew and me. He’s asleep, his head resting on my thigh. Every so often, he lets out a sigh and shifts his body, gradually curling up more and more into a ball. It’s cute.

I hope, when one of us dies, the other isn’t there to see it.


Katherine Braden, District 6 Female

Katherine Braden, District 6 Female

Of all the ways I could possibly die in the Games, I never thought it would be a cold.

But of course, that’s the way things seem to be going. I lie curled up on the ground, my body achy and shivering, my head throbbing and feverish.

Dr. Gibson and Cyle went to go look for some water. I told them not to come back, but Dr. Gibson left her bow and quiver of arrows here. She’ll be back. Maybe Cyle will listen and stay away. Or maybe another tribute will find me in here and put me out of my misery before they come back.

I’d go lie out in the hallway if I could even coax my body into moving. I just want it to be over.



Strongest Tribute: Dr. Christina Bieber-Lake (D9 Female)

Most Agile Tributes: Chris Prescher (D6 Male), Jordan Snyder (D7 Male), and Drew Chambers (D9 Male)

Most Cunning Tributes: Sarah Kenny (D4 Female) and Kelly Farley (D5 Female)

Most Charming Tributes: Jackie Fortier (D2 Female), Dr. Alison Gibson (D7 Female), Cyle Cucinotta (D11 Female)

Strongest Overall Tribute: Dr. Christina Bieber-Lake (D9 Female)

The benchmark for Day 9 has been posted on the home page!


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