May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

How Do People Die?

(The information on this page is presented assuming you’ve read the previous information pages.)

How do I decide who dies?

The simple answer is that I don’t. It’s all random.

Let’s say that the benchmark was needing a Strength level of 4, and that five tributes failed to meet that mark.

After each “Benchmark Day”, there will be a period of 24 hours in which those tributes can attempt to save themselves from danger. There are three ways to actively do this:

1. Win an item from a vote.

2. Purchase an item from the Marketplace.

3. Win an attribute point from a vote.


During the period of 24 hours, a poll will open that will allow viewers to vote for which tribute should get an item that will save them from danger. Read (Voting) to see how this all works.

The tribute that wins the item will be safe from danger.

Items can also be purchased from the Marketplace using actual money. The prices of these items vary, and can be found in the Marketplace. The Marketplace will remain open up until one hour before the vote results are announced, so tributes who want to make a purchase from the store need to do so before it closes.

The final way that a tribute can be saved from danger is winning an attribute point from a vote. This would only work if the tribute was only one away from the benchmark they needed (ex: the benchmark is 4 and the tribute has a 3), and if that attribute is their lowest current attribute. Read (Voting) to see how this all works.


Let’s say that our five tributes are the D1 Female, the D2 Male, the D3 Female, the D4 Male, and the D5 Female. The D5 female wins the vote and is immune, which saves her from danger. The D4 male buys immunity from the Marketplace, saving him from danger as well.


This leaves the D1 Female, the D2 Male, and the D3 Female in danger.


At this point, everything is random. I will select a random number between 0 and 3, and whatever number is picked is equal to how many tributes will die.

Let’s say the number is one. I’ll put the three tributes in danger in a hat, and pick out one. That tribute will die.

The other two tributes will lose a random attribute point.

If no tributes die, all tributes in danger will lose a random attribute point.

So basically, to wrap things up, here’s how a “day” in the Games looks.


1. I post the benchmark that tributes need to meet in the morning.

2. 24-hour period in which tributes can try to save themselves

3. I calculate who dies and who is injured, and write up a story, which I post later in the evening.

4. The next morning, I post the new benchmark, and the process starts over.


If only one tribute is in danger of dying, they must either:

1. Purchase an item from the store.

2. Win the “Should This Tribute Live?” vote.

3. Win sponsorship and get a life-saving attribute point.



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